PDX Chateauneuf Offline -- July 21-- my house

I’d like to come…guess I better go buy a baller CdP though, I’ve consumed most of my older stuff.


nod 2007 CdP tastes kind of like the drank. This is your answer: - YouTube

Any local (PDX) shops you’d recommend me visiting? I’ll swing by E&R and see what they have.

The only place you might something with age is Wizer’s in lake oswego or try bidding on something from Brentwood. You can pick it up in West Lynn and avoid shipping.


Otherwise the best CDP selection is at Vinopolis.

Thanks for the tips Steve, I’ll be busy tonight it appears.

Headed toTanuki tonight to talk menu. Anyone interested? 8pm.

I’m cool with Tanuki, but why the switch ?


new restaurant, new start time, what’s going on? I liked kitchen cru at 5pm, we can go slow and give these some air. 8pm narrows the night significantly. give the details.

2004 Domaine du Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape Cuvee Reservee - en route to me for this event.

Nice. I found a 2000 Guigal CdP. Is that baller enough?

Hey! What do you guys think of this proposed menu? $70, plus gratuity, no corkage . Anycourses you’d want to change? How is the price? Should we lower it? Smoked Beef Tartare in Grilled Mushrooms

Foie Custard in Egg Shell with Truffle Caviar

Cassoulet with Pork Belly, Duck Confit and Egg en cocotte

Gigot of Lamb with Pulled Lamb Crepinette, seasonal vegetables

Strawberry Shortcake Parfait with Black Pepper Basil Biscuit and Vanilla Sabayon

Paul, would this be a plated meal, or buffet style, or?

I was just meeting the owner and chef of kitchen cru at Tanuki to plan . Still five pm! Still kitchencru!

Plated, naturlich.

I’m in!


Any other feedback on the menu?

Looks like a great menu, of course I’d love it if the price was $20 cheaper but the quality of the establishment makes it worthwhile.

Anyone else want to skip a course and lower the price ?