Patricia Green Cellars. Two unique Pinots, tax deductible purchase, small amounts remain.

****The Background
Over the years we have put great effort into our wines and are proud to have been able to use some of profits to back non-profit endeavors that are close to our hearts. For this year’s offering we saved the last twenty cases of two special wines that were produced with charity in mind, one each from the 2016 and 2017 vintages. A signification portion of the proceeds were donated upon release to two very worthy causes (both 501c-3 operations), and the total price of this offering to you includes the donation. Now, you can not only get a great offer on two of the most special and unique wines we have made in our time here at Patricia Green Cellars, but you can also claim a tax-deduction for your purchase!

****The 2 wines and the offers/combination
2016 Balcombe Vineyard, Mortimer Cooke Memorial Pinot Noir: Our relationship with Balcombe Vineyard owners Mort and Joyce Cooke has allowed us to take care of one of the most special sites on Breyman Orchards Rd in the Dundee Hills AVA. Sadly, shortly after the 2016 harvest Mort passed away after a bout with cancer. This wine is dedicated to his memory. Patty and I had already planned to honor our 20th Anniversary of managing and receiving the fruit from Balcombe Vineyard with a special bottling from the 2016 vintage, so this was a no-brainer. Over the past 22 vintages, we have bottled over 40 individual wines that hailed exclusively from Balcombe Vineyard, split between 2 distinct bottlings. This wine is a one-off to commemorate our relationship, completely unique unto itself.

About the wine: Since our first vintage we have divided Balcombe Vineyard into five distinct blocks. Block 1B certainly is the most famous of these sections. The other four blocks make up the classic Balcombe bottling, and some barrels go into the Volcanic bottling (which we have offered on Berserker Day in the past). The block that is at the top of the vineyard called Block 2A makes up the entirety of this special bottling. This was fermented with 100% whole clusters. The three barrels were aged for about one year in new, once used and twice used Cadus barrels. This is an utterly unique bottling of Balcombe Vineyard. It is one of the lushest wines we have ever made, let alone from this vineyard. Floating on that velvet river is the classic Dundee Hills red cherry fruit however this fruit is reaching and stretching for something far more than that. The wine also shows the graphite and herb-laden aspect of 100% whole cluster wines on the nose and the dense, rich and fine tannins on the finish. This wine has immense developmental capacity in its DNA.

For those of you moved by the insights and prose of the critics, from Josh Reynolds at, “A highly complex bouquet evokes mineral and spice-tinged raspberry, cherry, liqueur, vanilla, incense and exotic spices. Alluringly sweet and energetic on the palate, offering juicy red fruit preserve, black cherry, spice cake and lavender pastille flowers that are braced by an undercurrent of juicy acidity. Conveys a sauce blend of power and delicacy and finishes impressively long and supple, with rounded tannins framing lingering floral and spice notes. 95 points.’

The Donation: 40% of the proceeds of this wine went to the Newberg Animal Shelter which is a no-kill dog and cat shelter located in Newberg, Oregon. It’s a great place and for more information you can go to We have already donated around $19,000 to them based on the sales of this wine at $60/bottle. Initially the deal was that instead of a 20% case discount on this wine, folks got a form showing they had a tax-deductible donation of $144 which the winery matched in its donation to the shelter.

2017 Fat Cat Cuvee Pinot Noir: In April of 2019, Jim Renwick, a long-time supporter of Patricia Green Cellars as well as a great friend and mentor to me and Patty, passed away from a heart attack at the age of 72. This was shocking as Jim was active, fit, youthful and very engaging. Jim lived in California but was a regular visitor to Oregon and more specifically IPNC (International Pinot Noir Celebration) for well over 20 years. Over the years Jim bought a lot of our wines and became such an ingrained part of Patricia Green Cellars that we began making a wine specifically for him to share with his large network of friends. We began this in 2015, when we had 3.5 barrels of wine that we were in some ways looking for a home. As a sort of inside joke, we called it the Fat Cat Cuvee. I think Jim enjoyed the process of introducing it to people as much as he enjoyed the wine itself.

About the wine: This was always a combination of barrels from a few of Jim’s favorite sites. Fortunately, we have really good places to choose from. Since we don’t do much in the way of blended vineyard Pinot Noirs this was always a fun and different sort of project in the cellar for us. In 2017 the blend consisted of one barrel each from the Wadensvil Block of Olenik Vineyard, the Lakeview Block of our Estate Vineyard (this also goes into our Estate Old Vine bottling), the 1973 planting of Bishop Block at Durant Vineyard, and from a 1990 planting at a Dundee Hills vineyard site that we bottle as Mysterious due to a non-disclosure clause in our fruit purchase agreement. This wine brings in elements of Marine soil and Volcanic soil, destemmed fruit and 100% whole cluster fermentations, and vines ranging from 20 to 45 years in age. It therefore presents both red and black fruits and is textured and rich while still having enough structure to give it some edgy presence. Due to the nature of the sites and the quality that each individual barrel possessed - and where they could have/would have gone had there not been this project specifically for Jim Renwick - I think this wine captures the Willamette Valley in a way few blended Pinot Noirs do these days. A worthy endeavor and delicious wine.

The Donation: Jim and his wife Wendy moved to Monterey a few years ago and were extremely involved in philanthropic pursuits within the community. Wendy requested that those looking to make donations in Jim’s name do so to the Morse Foundation Scholarship Fund, which was established by the Monterey Peninsula Country Club to provide scholarships to employees and their family members to promote learning and enhance their quality of life. For more information please go to . We have donated over 15% of the proceeds (around $5,000) from the sale of this wine at $45/bottle to the Morse Foundation, and now you can be a part of that contribution.
IMG_1369 (3).jpg
****The Berserker Day Deal

While you are certainly welcome to just order a case of either/both, we figured it was probably going to be easiest to offer 2 combo packs:

#1. 3 bottles of each. $260 (normal retail price $315) with shipping included. This option comes with a $43.50 tax deductible donation.
#2. 6 bottles of each. $500 (normal retail price $630) with shipping included. This option comes with an $87 tax deductible donation.

So, choose one or the other and get unique wines, know that your purchase has helped out two awesome non-profits that do great things for their communities, and get a sweet deal on the last of these wines. Only around 20 cases of each exist so there is the hope and possibility that we run out of these today. Let’s make it so.

****Purchasing Instructions
Website Link to Packages:
To CHECKOUT: Once you select the package you would like you will need to click Checkout and it will bring you to the LOGIN screen.
Step #1: You will need to enter your email address and click Forgot Password. It will not remember your password if you try to input because we are operating on a new system.
Step #2: Check your email for a link to reset your password.
Step #3: This will take you back to the LOGIN screen where you will be able to enter both your login and password and access your account.
**If you have bought from us in the past please do not check out as a guest.
Coupon Code at Check Out: Berserker for FREE SHIPPING on UPS or FEDEX GROUND. We will hold your wine until it is warm enough to ship.

If this seems daunting or just too much in general please contact either or or call (503) 554-0821. For question about the wines but NOT RELATED to checking out or purchases you can contact Jim directly at

Great deal, Jim. Can’t wait to buy. When will the link go live?

Thanks Jim for these amazing offers. They’re a no-brainer for me. You all make such stellar wines and the non-profit donations just seal the deal. My cellar is full but I am definitely in for deal #1. I clicked through and I’m not sure the links to the packages are active yet. I couldn’t find a way to select them and put them in my cart.

In, email sent!

Email sent. looking forward to trying these out.

Email sent for the first combo pack.

Email sent for the first combo pack.

Got my early purchase offer 12 pack in

I’m disappointed that I asked people to remind me to get more Patty Green Pinot on BerserkerDay and I had to remember it MYSELF!

After all I do for you guys…no love, no love…

The link is not technically live yet. Waiting for info on how to make sure that only subscribers could purchase as opposed to anyone.

Link should be live any moment. In the mean time just send an email and they will take care of you.

I hope folks enjoy. These are fun and meaningful wines to me.

guessing quite a bit of love from the “lurkers” ! We are just not always “outwardly emotive”! Thank you SO much for all of your efforts–this is one heck of a thing you do!

Ordered by phone earlier today–wonderful chat and great customer service!–eager to add to my growing PG collection-- your wines are stellar and everything about you and your business resonates with my beliefs! Continued success to you all

So, just so folks know, we aren’t super-duper set up today for tons of customer interaction. Only 2 people handling appointments today, 1 person off on vacation, 1 person has a back issue and 1 person is days away from having her second child. We can take email orders for sure and the web site should go live in an hour or so.

If you need to call someone today it might be best to try me at 503-572-8907. I might be in and out of reception. Feel free to text, too. We will do our best but we will be all hands on deck tomorrow! Do our best today!

I’d like to get a 6 pack - 3 of each


Email as noted or wait about an hour and the site will be up and you can DIY! Good luck. Let me know if you have issues.

Site is up, order is in, thanks Jim!

Ok site is up, but Berzerker code for free shipping seems not to work.

Bill, I’m on it, but rest assured all orders are checked before processing so even it says it’s not doing it it will be billed correctly in the end. I will advise if there seems to be a problem.

Order in! Thanks, Jim!