Paso Robles Redux "One Last Time"

Was in El Paso del Robles this past weekend. And I got to thinking [sometimes I do that] about wineries I have missed on the forty or fifty visits I have made in the past.

I know most of the more popular and well known wineries like
L Calodo
L Aventure
C Margene
Villa Creek


I have not made it out to Onyx yet but intend to do so. What other not well known [as in publicized] wineries do you find interesting in the area?

Three off the top of my mind are: Macprice Myers, Brian Benson, and Herman Story.

Onx is definitely worth a visit.

No Tablas Creek on your list? I was pretty impressed by their wines when we visited in 08.

Tablas Creek does seem like an odd omission, and I’ve been impressed with most Nicora and Torrin wines I’ve had though am not sure of onsite tasting facilities. Maybe EOS too (I can’t vouch personally though)?


I’m not a fan of EOS at all. Tablas Creek is a must.

I’ve enjoyed the last couple of Rangeland Wines I’ve had…especially the Petite and a Reserve Cab/Bordeaux blend.

Adam Lee
Siduri Wines

I did omit them by mistake. I have about 60 bottles of Tablas and spent a good two hours there on Saturday. No more chard they grafted over the vines.

The old EOS estate is now called something like broken earth. EOS moved down the road. Torrin bottles at Booker and has no tasting room. I have heard good things about Nicora.

Dover Cyn (altho’ Mary Baker ain’t there no mo’).

You’re list is a good one and includes some of my favorites.
I’ve never had Nicora, but they were out of wine last week so my effort failed. Come back in fall they said.
Torrin is great! but not public. Hasn’t made at Booker in years, at Denner last I heard. His website has contact info and you might get lucky. (if not drop me a line and I can get you a tasting, just not the winemaker).
New in Paso is the Underground Tasting room (really just the back room of the gift shop next to Villa Creek restaurant.) Officially by appointment you can find Clos Solene, pricey but very good. Also Turtle Rock/Westberg who’s Don assists at Saxum, Aaron and his Petite Sirah, and Edmond August (wine by Jacob Toft)
Jacob Toft wines are good, but also not public.
If you like European style “balanced” for food wines, especially Pinot Noir, try RN Estates by appointment

Good suggestions so far, and here are a few more: Hug, Ranchero (Amy Butler’s label), and Kinero (Anthony Yount’s label). Field Recordings make their wines in Paso as well - they do some interesting stuff. Thacher is making some good wine, out near Tablas Creek. Justin Kahler’s Katin and Arada labels are worth checking out too. Ken Volk always has some interesting varieties you seldom see anywhere else. Giornata if you’re looking for Italian varieties. AmByth is worth a visit if you’re into biodynamic wines. There’s Clos Serene from L’Aventure assistant winemaker Guillame Fabre. RN Estate and Anglim make some good stuff too. A lot of these places (though not all) are appointment-only but they make good wine. There are write-ups on all of the above producers as well as many of the ones mentioned earlier on the Grape-Nutz website if you’re interested in more info (reports that I’ve written and that Eric Anderson has written).

Clos Serene

I believe you meant Clos Solene. You can catch Guillaume in the Paso Underground tasting room.

Yes, of course you are right. Good wines similar to the L’Aventure style.

Better, I think.

Ditto most of the other mentions and would add Alta Colina and Paix Sur Terre. If anyone’s interested, I’ve interviewed a number of the winery principals on my blog at

First post, been lurking for a couple of years. We spent 10 days in the Central Coast area in May, 7 nights in Los Osos, and 3 nights in Paso. Most of the visits we made to wineries were from recommendations here. This was not meant to be primarily a wine trip, since we flew and only had a single Wine Check to take home. Trips to CA tend to turn out that way, though.

Attended the Wine Festival in Paso on May 17th which wasn’t too bad for the first hour or so. Tasted a couple of wineries that made us want to visit on Sunday, Summerwood and Ecluse. We already had planned on Tablas Creek. We did visit a few on Friday, Ambyth (they had me at amphorae), Turley, and Zin Alley. Ambyth was fascinating and very nice folks, and I am very interested in wines with minimal additives. Maybe a few more additives than that, though.

Turley, to our surprise, was a super friendly tasting room. Luckily we both loved the same wine, the 2010 Ueberroth. The ladies there told us to stop at Zin Alley, just around the corner. Interesting stop, one man show with a sign on the door, something about only Hippies can use the door. In we went, and the Zins were great. He makes one a year, and last year he also made a botrytis pinot blanc from Bien Nacido. I came home with a bottle of that.

Had a great time at Taste of the Valleys in Pismo Beach. They will open up nearly anything in the store if you buy a glass, then they put it in their wine keepers for general tastings. We did the “reserve” tasting and they threw in a few extras. This is where we found a new favorite, Kynsi Pinot. At the Los Olivos wine shop, we tried, loved, bought Center of Effort Pinot. Coincidentally, the two wineries are directly across the street from each other. Visited Kynsi, but CofE was appointment only and we didn’t do appointments this week.

Best tasting visit was Tablas Creek. Loved all of their wine except the syrah, but I never love Syrah. Joined the club in spite of vowing we would NOT join any clubs, and took a bottle of 2010 Esprit de Beaucastel to Artisan that night. Match made in heaven. So was the Kynsi we drank at Ciopinot in SLO. Oh, and we did not like Thomas Hill Organics at all, so there’s that. The wine we took was good though. I could really get used to taking good wine to restaurants, unfortunately we live in NM.

We’ve been to Napa/Sonoma several times, but this was just a different experience. The tasting room employees were really friendly, funny, knowledgeable. (If you go to Talley, ask for Sherry.) Many of the young pourers were students at Cal Poly wine program and knew their stuff. There were some reasonable tasting fees, usually waived if you bought a bottle.

Just hoping we can drink the wine we brought home. Our connecting flight in Phoenix was canceled, so our luggage sat outside (in the shade, so they told us) for four hours! Evening, but still in the 90s. Very poor planning on my part. Never have flown with wine before, this might be an expensive lesson.

Sorry to hijack a thread on my first post and turn it into a trip report. Did want to throw Zin Alley out there though. Overall, very fun trip. If we didn’t own a time share in Napa, we might be going back to Central Coast every year. But, it was HOT. Maybe in March sometime.

Dover Canyon (hit and miss, but the hits are good)
Graves Winegrowers
Ranchero Cellars
Lone Madrone (hit and miss, good hits)
Summerwood (hit and miss, good hits (but a little expensive))
Four Vines (hit and miss, good hits)
Thacher (nice Syrah from Coastview Vnyd)
Vina Robles (nice Petite Sirah)

Getting a longer list. Thanks guys and gals.

Haven’t been to McPrice Meyers, but having tasted a few of the wines, a must-stop. If Grey Wolf is still around, they’d be well worth a visit as well, Andrew. Granted my visit was 7 years ago, but they were making very good wine at the time.



+1 on the Paix Sur Terre reco. The winemaker Ryan is doing some great things with Mouved from the area. Call for a tasting!!