Oops I Did It Again - Alfert's Breakage Thread - Join In, Post Your Best

This month’s Berserker Award!!

Automatically in the running for Berserker of the Year award.


Nah, I just did what any other berserker would have done. The real heroes are the bottles that never made it home.

Ha! Modesty will get you nowhere with this crowd . . . .


It’s just a scratch

“The dynamic 2020 vintage explodes from the bottle with an attack of blood and broken glass”

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Forgot to take a picture. Knocked over a grassl 1855 last night and it shattered into dozens of tiny little shards all over the kitchen.

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It adds to the flavor profile!

An LPB note?


Don’t feel too bad — I’ve managed more damage just from the foil alone. That doesn’t make me a tough guy. That makes me a klutz.

Now as far as the cork/neck goes — wow, never seen that before!

I mean . . . I love it when I get some lamb’s blood on the nose of a Chateaufeuf du Papa with a little bit of age. Perfect Easter wine! :wine_glass: :grin:

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