Oops I Did It Again - Alfert's Breakage Thread - Join In, Post Your Best

So I am admittedly a bull in a china shop. If I’m near it, touch it, smell it, chances are I will break it. Or just spill it. Bikes, trucks, bones, hearts, Strava records, and of course, anything and everything related to wine. I routinely text the boys with my latest example of my clumsy oafish behaviors. @ToddFrench encouraged a thread…

So here it is, starting with this week:

And just an historical anecdote, a personal fave…

I can only laugh.

So join in, post your best when it happens so that we can all laugh. You know it happens to you, too, just perhaps not on a weekly basis.


Knowing your palate, that might just been a favor to the wine universe… Jeff Leve looks at that pile and thinks that’s combined 40 points.

(Hope you are ok though!)


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I am SO looking forward to this thread…I expect it to be shortlisted for Hall of Fame

Also not sure there will be many other entrants in the ‘post your best’ part, but we’ll be happy to see all your updates!


Love this idea guys.

Oh my! I have a feeling your Urgent Care or ER may be on a first name basis with you :wink:


If it’s just me, this thread, like my gut, will just keeping sagging to the bottom.

The running theme on our boys thread is, “pics”. No pic, it didn’t happen! Post that sh@t!

They were, and that’s 100% true. Small town and all that.

No picture at the time; Here is a reenactment:

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Damn that sucks. Almost lost a mag of GPL from the top of my wine locker yesterday. Saved it from disaster. Broken glasses are par for the course unfortunately.


I feel like just reading this thread has already greatly increased my chances of breaking something this weekend :rofl:

A few fun things in here.

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not true - this is a weekly occurrence, you get to self-bump it with every shattered stem!

OMG the Strava reference.

Most won’t understand. Can’t stop laughing.


lol. I can’t help

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The dog toy really is a nice touch.

It was the Golden. In the Mudroom. With a Toy.

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My stories (and a few other great ones) are in here: https://www.wineberserkers.com/t/what-bottle-of-wine-did-you-break-today/153434

do you think he will come up with ‘a myriad’ of pics for our entertainment?