Oops I Did It Again - Alfert's Breakage Thread - Join In, Post Your Best

tell us more about tonight…at dinner…

Cheis got a little toasty…

A few bottles (in cases) dropped (or rather attacked) by staff at Charles de Gaulle and Heathrow over the past year. There’s a reason I now only fly KLM…

One of the cases from CdG had tire marks running across the front. :expressionless:


Yay. Just broke my French press coffee thingy, the glass cracked. Apparently my elote physique applied too much press power to the press. Sigh…

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I’ve got backup glass French presses just for this sort of thing.

While I did not break mine today, and haven’t dropped a wine bottle in my cellar for some years now . . . I did manage to step out the side door today, planning on tossing a racquet ball into the neighbor’s back yard for the crying lab . . . and plant knee-first on the driveway. Avoided the head coming in contact with the drive, so there’s at least that silver lining.

Rare night out with the wife…reservation at hard to get into restaurant…craving some vosne romanee. I brought a bottle of 2008 mongeard mugneret vosne 1er les orveaux.

Found a parking spot in a busy area that someone was trying to hold for her boyfriend. As an occasional asshole New Yorker, I wasn’t having it. Backed into the spot and she collapsed like a newbie to the city would.

As I left the car and put my jacket on, I placed the bottle on the concrete…not hard but on just the right place that the bottom cracked completely open and all the contents spilled out.

Spent the next few minutes licking my fingers. Wine was going to be excellent. Kinda served me right for the parking spot.



Oh my that really sucks. ANd hear I was whining about a little coffee!

With all these drops I wonder how you stay on a bike.

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We use the all-metal Bodum Columbia presses.

They are double-layer metal will vacuum in between so they keep it hot longer than the single-wall glass presses

I got tired of cold coffee and breaking the glass ones.


Capsule looks great!!!

Awesome pic! Really captures the notion that everything we do as humans is an act of futility.



Crashes happen, too! I’ve had some epic ones with fun broken bones!

My husband would have a ton to contribute to this thread. He breaks everything! I get so mad at him!
Like @Steve_McL , we now have a metal french press due to the fact that my husband broke every glass french press that we ever had.


If I wasn’t living in France and holding a passport, I would have posted a snarky comment about French engineering. Instead, I’ll circle the wagons and point out that you’re all brutes! :fr:

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Does it qualify?
The replacement cost is more than Hudelot Noellat Chambolle AND Vosne 2022

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I never tried drinking out of a lamp. How does it compare against the Zalto Universal?


You are not missing much.
There is a brand where lamp bowls can be unfunctioned into salad bowls. We had a vinaigrette out of it once, I don’t think it added much to the experience.

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Well, not an accident on my part, but a breakage nevertheless:

Went to pull the capsule off this bottle, and the entire bottle top, with cork, came away without much effort. Must have cut my hand on the bottle edge as I pulled and twisted it off.

Let’s be careful out there!

Not for the squeamish lol


Wow that is wild! Never seen that before! Glad you’re ok!

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Looks like you sabered it with your hand, a real man!


My wife has awarded me the Purple Cork