Old Bag of Rice

Forgot about this 40lb big boy in a closet for 4 years.
Whats the chance it Will it give me Botulism.

Anything else besides composting make sense?

Milled (white) rice is supposed to improve with age, but rice oil in the bran of brown rice will eventually oxidize and go rancid. You should be able to tell if you take a whiff.


Like Mia said probably rancid.

So this 20lb white one should be aged to perfection?

I put these in a closet at the start of the pandemic and just forgot about them. Hate to toss them…

Probably totally fine. Cook some up and taste it. Aged basmati is supposed to keep its whole-grain shape better.

Check for bugs (weevils) before eating.

Extra protein.

If you don’t mind,

You should take a look at what’s permitted by FDA standards in other foods. I’d rather eat a few weevils in my (cooked and sterilized) rice than rodent filth in my chocolate or peanut butter.

Well, I’d rather eat none of the above, but — like I said before — go for it if you don’t mind.

I’ve eaten chapulines in Mexico, so teeny weevils would be nothing in comparison.

Rat poop is a whole other question.

When rice gets old, little bugs often hatch therein. They are visible to the naked eye. Regardless of what Mia has eaten in her life, and regardless of whether she chooses to eat them, just be aware of this if it’s something you care about.

Most cooking protocols for rice (and other grains and pulses) include a washing step, which would get rid of most or all of the little bugs. The FDA actually classifies food “imperfections” such as bugs or bug parts as an “aesthetic” concern. I’d personally be much more concerned about things that are actually bad for you, like rancidity or heavy metals, both of which are potential issues with rice.

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I sent the brown out with the morning trash. Probably will do the same with the white next week. I hate tossing good food but this seems to be a case of not worth it. Seems like a bunch of rice can even throw off a compost pile.
Appreciate the conversation though.

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But Mia wants you to eat the bugs!! :rofl:

I don’t like to see food wasted. Besides, there are bugs in fresh food ALL the time. Just think of the nematodes in your freshly harvested organic produce. It’s all perfectly natural.

I am reminded of the horrified reaction I got once from a co-worker (not a scientist) who learned that corn kernels and other seeds contain embryos, which led to her realizing that plants have sex. Biology!!! :rofl:

Hey! now, this is a family site! :rofl:

If the Basmati rice was good in the first place-much nowadays is terrible and not Basmati at all-ageing will only do it good, though this is a case where plastic packaging is far better then hessian.
Brown rice goes rancid at room temperature in three months.

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Can you look Robert’s rice up in Pantry Tracker to see if it’s any good?

Is he up to date on his subscription?