Offsite storage in the NY Metro Area, suggestions?

Yep, it’s about time. I have to move my ‘longer term’ agers out to long term storage. I’m looking for a few alternatives as I’m going to split up the load to multiple locations to minimize overall risk (diversification minimizes risk!). I don’t need the storage location to be in NYC, don’t really care, just don’t want the truck to have to drive more than say 1 hour from the middle of Manhattan and I’d prefer something that’s not on a river or too near an ocean. I know the Domaine guys, I’m going to use the facility in Edison (unless someone thinks that’s a bad idea), but I could use 2 more guys at least. Who’s got storage in the area where they’ve done the due dil, the facility has proper backup, security, etc.
I want to check 2 pallets in, say 100-125 cases, wrapped up, and I do not want/need access for a min of 5 years. So no need to ‘get a bottle’, etc.

I store atRiver Valley Wine Cellars and are very happy with them. Full disclosure in that the owners are also friends and former lacrosse teammates. Great guys, great service, fair prices. They are located in Hawthorne, NY and make regular deliveries to the city.

You might want to check out Manhattan Wine Company which despite the name is located in Clifton, NJ. I have had my wine with them for the past five years and have had excellent service.

I use Wine Cellarage in the Bronx. Very good service. Ask for Lars. Tell them I sent you.


New York Wine Storage in Long Island City, just over the Manhattan Bridge, has provided excellent service to me for 20 years now: Sign In| Vino Vault

Feel free to use my name with the owner Geoff Troy or Hamad, who manages the cellar.

A little farther out then you asked for but I’ve used Horse Ridge Cellars for years and have been very happy.

Piling on with Horse Ridge.

Where is Horse Ridge? I can’t tell from their web site.

I hear WineCare is desperately looking for some new blood in their customer pool…

It’s up by Hartford, CT.

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Great Reccs, thanks all, I may use all of them! Diversification…

+1. Doesn’t apply to your situation but no in and out charges. Also,if you like supporting green efforts, I believe they offset their energy consumption w/ solar.

I use Chelsea Wine Storage and Manhattan Wine Company. Chelsea is great but likely full. It is flood zone C for Manhattan, and didn’t have any ill effects from Sandy. Manhattan is also great and I really like being able to open a web page, click a few buttons and have my wines within 24 hours. Manhattan makes you pay for the entire year upfront, so if you have an issue with that then they won’t be right for you. But the service is very, very good and they make everything easy. As for your diversification of risk point, I would suggest getting a standalone insurance policy that covers all your wine worldwide. It is cheap and will take your risk down to zero.

Vintage Wine Warehouse is very good and in Ridgewood, Queens.

They have very affordable pick-up options in New York City and offer new customers 3 months of free storage and will waive the fee for the initial pick-up.

Can anyone quote an estimated cost based on a couple of hundred bottles?

I had a bad experience with Vintage.

I use the Wine Cellarage. They have recently increased their prices, which were not cheap to begin with, but service has generally been good and their facility is very secure, storage conditions are exactly right, and it is not in an area prone to flooding (a sensitive subject for some New Yorkers these days).

I use Wine Cellarage in the Bronx. I’m a satisfied customer.

They are great but they are full. You can always get on their waiting list.

I’ve been very happy with Horse Ridge.