Official Costco Thread

Chicago South Loop Costco is crap.

Lincoln Park is a bit better (much better for beer) but that store is a madhouse.

Sacramento/Exhibition had the 2012 CH Private Rsv for $40 last time I was in there maybe 10 days ago. Still has lots of 2010 Montus to (mentioned above). Supposedly the CH Moscato is getting dumped at $5 too, but I did not verify that locally. Mine did not have the 2010 Damilano unf. A lot of the Treasury Wine Estate names are getting blown out at about the same price as the producers website case specials.

I was in the Roseville location about a week ago too, and that had a somewhat better/different selection, although I did not remember any deals in particular, beyond the 2012 Haut Bergey rouge for $20.

Great thread!

nothing but dreck at my Costco–buyer must hate wine.

a split is 187 ml. A 375 is a “half bottle.”

Sounds like a great buy. Hopefully my Costco has it when I go later this week!

Sherman Oaks/ Van Nuys Costco had two 3 liter Bollinger special cuvee in owc for $125. Picked up one, god only knows when I will drink a 3l?

Culver City/Marina del Rey Costco has relatively little of interest. A fair number of Sta Rita Hills, Firestone, Fess Parker, etc. They’ve radically slimmed down their wine selection in the last couple years. Hopefully once they finish their expansion/remodel they will up the selection again.

One interesting bottle today was a 2005 Southern Rhone bottle for $25. CT said average value of $18, though, so I left it there. I suspect the $18 bottles were purchased in, say, 2008.

Decided to check out Mountain View, CA Costco for the first time in years based on this thread. Surprised to see the the kind of selection they have now.

Solaia $168
Beringer Private Reserve Mag $199
Bryant Family $730
Scarecrow $550
2010 Pavie $360

None of the prices for the higher end didn’t seem that great.

Anyone ever tried to return a flawed bottle to Costco?

Yes. Mine weren’t terribly expensive so no issue on returns.

Yes it was not a problem in any way on a ~$30 wine.

2012 C.V.N.E. Rioja Cune Reserva $14.99 Austin South
2009 La Rioja Alta Rioja Viña Alberdi Reserva $12.99 Austin South when a random under $15 buy ends up very good; we are in over a case now on this one [cheers.gif]

Costco Novato has Goyette Sonoma Coast 2013 Pinot on sale for $10.99. Very nice mid week drinker or cellar defender. Seems about 89 points to me anyway.

Their return policy is amazing. You could seriously probably return a bottle you bought 2 years ago.

Illustrating yet another reason why i freaking love Costco

Lincoln Park having a Coravin roadshow promo on cartridges this week, 10 for $70 and 24 for $150. Rep says they will be hitting other stores in coming weeks, an they are running this roadshow nationwide for one month, so call your local store.

Umm, are they selling the Coravin too and, if so, how much?


Yup, $299.

Sunnyvale Costco has
Haut Smith Laffite’s second wine, Le Petit 2012 for $22
2007 Cristal for $190 which isn’t that great of a deal but if you value their return policy its an okay buy.
They also had some Montus left if you guys were still looking.

Thanks Rich but fair warning to the rest of Board that this wine (Lot 522 2014 Contra Costa Zin/Petite Sirah/Syrah) is only currently available in Costco’s in AZ and the San Diego area currently. Hope to get into NorCal Costco’s here shortly…of course, its on our website as well.

Got Potensac 2005 for $16.99 @ Bloomfield Hills Costco last week; went back for more and price was up to $37.99

Curious, since you’ve had your wines in Costco for some time now, do you have to pitch each individual sale to each Costco? I figured they would have a set order for each store of x number of cases per release.