Obama And Italian Wines

Glad he likes them, now we just need to talk about the choices.


Can we at least try to keep this nonpolitical.


Pretty good Brunello. Hell that is probably the only one that I would be interested in drinking.

If I were tapped to name four ambassadors – and have no fear, I never will be – Mastrojanni wouldn’t make the cut. I don’t think any Brunello would make the cut.

Obama needs a Riesling.

You are probably right. But who knows what we served him the last time he was here. Probably some crap from Washington State or Virginia. So Obama came out way ahead.

Gary & Kevin: What producers / wines would you select?

Nothing wrong with the Mastrojanni. But I would throw in:
Casanova White label
Isole e Olena Cepparello
Montevertine Rosso

Which vintages? I can’t find that information in the American or Italian press releases.

Give them a little time. The ads featuring the wines are on the way.

People always throw a fit when nice wines are served in the White House. See the melodrama over Obama serving Quilceda Creek a few years ago at a state dinner.

These were wines brought by the Italian PM, not chosen by Obama. I’m sure my President asked for 89 Giacosa Rionda! :wink:

What on earth were wrong with these selections? The Italian Prime Minister obviously wanted to show off some of the biggest names in Italian wines, and what is wrong with Mastrojanni Brunello?

It’s not like he showed up with a bunch of plonk…

This surprised me:

Italy is the main foreign supplier of wine to the US, with 2.4m hectoliters," according to Coldiretti’s spokesman. That’s more than twice the amount that its closest competitor, Australia, exports to the US.

Really - France has, at best, the third most wine into the US, and it’s well under half Italy’s volume? Ah, apparently so - at least in 2011 it was #5 in volume (Italy, Australia, Argentina, Chile, France) but very easily #2 in total value, not so terribly far behind Italy despite the enormous volume discrepancy.

I guess what was off my radar must be a few Great Lakes worth of industrial pinot grigio.

Makes sense to me. Obama strikes me as a guys guy. Probably enjoys a full bodied wine. Hell, he probably likes SQN !

The 99 Mastrojanni is by far the most elegant Brunello I’ve ever tasted.

edit: joke removed. Wasn’t funny.

Was it a joke about SQN obscuring its terroir (place of origin)? Just Kidding!!!

Something along those lines, Lewis. I confess.

Mastrojanni is owned by the Illy cafe folks. This was a well considered selection.