NYC: Queens. Tues 12 March 6-9pm. ULTIMATE CHEESE PAIRING: Bring a great bottle, We Match the Cheese!

Date Set: Tuesday 12 March

So: As opposed to previous oxidized/fortified wine nights…

My goal for this one is a little more ambitious: bring a wine you KNOW will go with a cheese or have ALWAYS wanted to go with a cheese, tell us what it is and and we’ll get the cheese (or an analog).

If you can bring 2 bottles of that style, GREAT, or we as a group can try and source more of the same style. Limit to 1 “originating” style per person for the table, so as people declare; we don’t need to bring 8 styles but we can’t deal with more…

Current Attendees:

Jay Hack+wife
Joe Grassa

Location: Bier and Cheese Collective in Astoria, queens

Food cost: Less than $50 per head including tax+tip!

Corkage: $15/bottle. Unlimited bottles (within reason!, let’s say 4 if you want to go bonkers). Bring your own stems (they have glasses if we run out, but it’s a beer focused place).

Here is the restaurant location at 35-11 Ditmars Blvd, Queens, NY 11105 right by the NW subway or a short taxi from midtown.

Sun,Mon, Tues in 2nd and 4th week in march March 10,11,12, 24,25,26

Doodle poll

I will leave this open till 9pm of Sunday 18 Feb or if we get 8 responders that agree on one night before then.
If the weather looks good we can go beyond 8 as the outdoors has more room.

Please only use the doodle poll for scheduling; don’t start a discussion on this thread or an email chain, don’t reply to this post with dates you can/can’t come.

On that doodle link: You can change your selections up until the poll is closed without notifying everyone; everyone can see who can come when. It really is the way to schedule stuff!

Looking forward to some new wine/cheese harmonies…


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This could be things that we’ve done before like:

Cambozola : any botrytized wine :
Stilton: port
Sherry: manchego

OR other classics or new ones?

Comte: Vin jaune
Taleggio : Barbera
Bûcheron : (Dry) Riesling
Chaource or Brie : Champagne
Epoisses or other Stinker : Chambertin
Gorgonzola Piccante : Vin Santo


I will start off by bringing some Great Sauternes and maybe a couple of other weird sticky botrytized wines to go with Roquefort.

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Interested Phil.

Thinking a nutty Amontillado with either aged Manchego or Cheddar.

Awesome: We can do either (or both if there is an overlap with another wine). When the doodle poll shakes out, I’ll notify everyone!


You know I want to go, but I think these dates might be tough for me… I’m a strong maybe. Last week in March is a possible.

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I could only do the last of these dates, but if that happens to work I’m in Phil.

Checking out the “Thirsty Koala” spot across the road would have to be part of the deal.

As long as the date works, I’m in.

For those of you expressing an interest; fill in the doodle poll! you get your marker down early!

you can always change your answer if you become unavailable!

Giving this a bump! We need more interest to run this event…I realize it’s a busy wine-time, but if you want your cheese-wine fix, this is the joint!

interested but can’t commit at the moment.

I am a maybe depending on all the usual stuff. If I can make it and there is space, I will bring something like a white Rhone or a Saxum or SQN white Rhone blend, just for the halibut. And maybe a Scholium white with “bracing acidity” to cut (through) the cheese.

Am gonna bump this a couple more times.

If I don’t have 6 ppl signed up for doodle with a date that works for everyone, by this sunday nite, we’ll put it off till later in the spring.,

It’s my busy season. I’d be a last minute if there’s still a seat available.

If anyone reading this post hasn’t attended, it’s something you should consider.

One last ping! Just a couple more people…I will look tomorrow morning.

OK. I’m going to go against my better instincts and book for the most ‘popular’ night - Tues March 12 - despite only 3 other responses!..

Current attendee List at top of post**, PM me or reply to the thread if you want to join!**. Please let me know what wines you’re bringing by March 5

I can’t do March 12th… but let me know how it goes… looking forward to those tasting notes!

will bring whites and red for matching food/cheese pairing. riesling with the egg salad and cabernet sauvignon, merlot or pinot noir.

Is this happening? Are there two seats left? I want to come and my wife is a maybe.

I can’t decide what to bring. I would like to try a combination or two that are a bitoiff the beaten path and that I do not recall having the floor with cheese. I am thinking of something like 2011 Cayuse Viognier Cailloux Vineyard or 2015 Ornellaia Sauvignon Blanc Poggio alle Gazze.

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Yes it’s still on and you and your wife are both welcome.
. Just let me know what you’re bringing a week before so I can coordinate with the fromagiere!

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My apologies but I wont be able to make this date any longer. Work commitment got scheduled for same evening. I’ll try to make the next one.

Enjoy all.

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