NYC offsite Wine Storage

My apologies if this topic has been discussed recently. Looking for advice on where to store about 1500 bottles near NYC. Thanks in advance. I am currently at Domaine and looking for something cheaper.

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I’ve been using Manhattan Wine Co (MWC) for about 10 years. Not a problem.

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I have had an account with Domaine for 4+ years and very happy with them.

I still plan to keep an account with them but shifting some of my collection to MWC. A lot of my wine is in OWCs of 6 x 750ml and MWC works out better for that. However I like Domaine a lot for options they provide for both domestic and international transportation.

Vintage Wine Warehouse is reasonably priced — and picks up for free from HDH in Delaware. They’re technically in Delaware, but seem to run back and forth from DE to NYC quite a bit. My incoming parcels/shipments get shipped to NYC, in fact.

Shipping not as great as temp control truck?

Sorry if not clear. What I mean is that if I want to ship directly to my storage, I actually have the retailer/winery ship the wine to their NYC address since the Delaware facility is not constantly staffed. They do temp control runs between NYC and Delaware regularly.

I know there have been a few threads on NYC wine storage shenanigans.

Who is everyone using these days that they trust? Do you have a contact?


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Thanks for merging. Looks like MWC and River Valley are the two preferred?

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Board member @Marc_Hanes runs MWC is excellent, well known to many of us here and is a great tasting note writer! I have a fairly complicated and large collection at MWC and I am very happy because of him.

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Another vote for MWC.