NYC - May 6th Blind Wine Tasting Dinner

Sad for this dinner, but that is the good thing about so many Italian whites. So many are way undervalued, and may even drink like wines over $100, but very few cost over $100.

you could also try to fool us by brining something non-Italian… NO one woudl guess :slight_smile:

but then how would you know it was me?

I own 10 bottles of Italian white wine, if you include Vin Santo as does CT, and the closest I get is a Quintarelli that CT says is $75. It only cost me $39.95, but bringing it as the “under” wine would be cheating.

Blind tasting!

You mean that if Rebecca and I decide to bring a DRC Le Montrachet and compare it against Rombauer, we shouldn’t tell anyone?

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Not until the reveal! Would make it so much more exciting.

However that wouldn’t be allowed in this tasting. Same region!

Define “region.” They are at least from the same planet! Nothing from Mars. How about a Merlot from New York versus California?

If you have martian wine, I would much rather try that!


Folks, very sorry, I now have to travel for work so can’t make this. See you all next time.

Still room for 1-2 more

I’m planning on it

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I have wine that tastes like it was made by Martians. They call it Burgundy. :neener:

Is there still an empty spot?

One left

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One week away… we are full. I hope you guys picked some good wines!

Reminder… it’s THIS Monday!

Bring two bottles of wine from the same region of the world. One bottle must be worth more than $100 and one must be worth less than $50. Both should be concealed. They can be both red, both white or one of each, your call. Try to choose wines that express typicity (no semi-carbonic Nebbiolo from New Mexico please)

Please let me know if you can’t make it. Thank you.

I’ll be there at 5pm to start drinking some Champagne. See y’all Monday.


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What if I brought beer inside of a wine bottle?

I think our deductive skills would detect that. :slight_smile: