NYC - June 17th Blind Wine Tasting Dinner

Maybe the raven flew in?

lol, looks like we are gonna be unruly?

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Seems like it… I also expect 2-3 drops at the last moment.

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I mean, if you’re coming, John… :slight_smile:

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Anyone going to James Suckling tomorrow night?

Have a ticket for Thursday. Let me know how it is (and any must-try wines)!

One week away… everyone chosen their wines yet?

Would you rather have a much larger age gap but lesser known grape or smaller age gap and a major grape?

I want you to bring the pair that makes you most happy. But if the lesser grape is like Rkatsiteli or Vidal Blanc, I’d prefer something testable.

A bottle of aidani 2022 and 2021 coming up! Its gonna be really exciting!

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Julie G and I are going to have to bow out for the 17th. Another commitment popped up, and there are already plenty coming to this dinner. Hope everyone has a great night.

understood, we will miss you!

Final Roll Call… looks like we have 12 which is a great number.

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Still in with my wife Jamie as well. Picking up my bottles from my off-site today.

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Who’s pair of wines will be better? Yours or hers?

Well I’m picking both…but she requested white or bubbles so who knows? I actually really wanted to bring like four different sets. But guess we’ll just have to do this again.

love vintage bubbles!

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Difficult decision what to bring.

I feel like this one is going to be pretty great though.

Agreed on both counts. I am stuck in a two way tie.

Excellent problem to have :slight_smile: