NYC - July 22nd Blind Wine Tasting Dinner - BDX vs BDX Blends

Only when I am being sur lie.

I have an interesting pair, BUT the vintage difference is a bit too great for a fair comparison. This gets complicated. Let’s say I pair a 1998 Cali Bordeaux Blend (from a bad year in Napa) with a 1998 Pomerol. Using the TWA vintage chart, that’s an 85 pt vintage in California and a 96 point vintage in Pomerol. Perhaps not a good comparison. However, since everyone is bringing a pair, maybe we compare my 1998 Pomerol with someone else’s 2001 Napa blend, that’s 96 pt vs. 96 pt. So it depends how the wines are passed. Boy am I glad that Peter is the doofus who has to decide.

Sounds like a very interesting pairing.

Sadly, I need to back out. I have a commitment in another state Sunday before this dinner. It will just be too complicated to get back on time.

Hopefully I’ll make the next one.

Would this be a prix fixe menu, or a la carte? Trying to sell my Mrs. on the possibility of a Monday night outing.

Typically we pre-order a bunch of crowd pleasers with the ability to add anything a la carte.

Still a few seats left for the dinner…

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I’m so looking forward to this.

Have the perfect set to delight and stump!


is @J_a_y_H_a_c_k coming or does he only drink Burgundy these days?

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Jay is coming… he loves me and definitely has Bordeaux

Oh boy do I have a ringer for you guys :wink:



I am in! Just me though, no Julie G for this one.


Excited to see you! Can’t wait to see which Italian wine you bring! ha :slight_smile:

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The traditional vacillation about what to bring is starting to ramp.

Predicting this one will be epic (I know I said that last time … but that prediction was spot on!).

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I picked my two. I really like the pairing… there is a theme…

One out of two ain’t bad. I am coming and I will bring something interesting. Peter will bring crap. Are we doing this at Corkbuzz? Will we have food appropriate to Bordeaux?

Yes and yes.

For some clarification someone asked me… the vintages do NOT need to match…

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really bummed im missing this.

are the blends meant to be similar to eachother? or can 1 be right bank styled and the other left or anything else of that sort?