NYC - July 22nd Blind Wine Tasting Dinner - BDX vs BDX Blends

When: Monday, July 22nd 5:30 sit down and do their blind white wine flight. The tasting dinner will commence at 6pm. I’ll get there at 5pm if anyone gets out early; we will order a bottle of Champagne off their menu then.

Requirements: This dinner is about Bordeaux and Bordeaux Blends from other regions. For this dinner, please bring two bottles, one from Bordeaux and one from another region outside of Bordeaux that is a Bordeaux blend. Bordeaux reds are made of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and sometimes Malbec and Carménère (although both of these are quite rate). For Whites, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle are 99% of the grapes. Both reds and white are fair game here, but bring the same color if you are going to go that route. Any vintage works. No dessert wines for the pairing, but if you feel the need to bring a third wine, no one will complain. Argentinian Malbec is not an acceptable wine to bring here, it must be a Bordeaux blend, or Cab S/Merlot/Cab F dominant as many BDX are. Let’s also keep this high end only–if you are not sure, DM me and we can discuss values. Examples: Insignia vs Chateau Lynch Bages or Sena vs Montrose or Domaine de Chevelier Blanc vs Peter Michael ‘Coeur a Coeur’.

Where: Corkbuzz 13 e 13th street (Union Square)

How: When you arrive, please ensure the bottles are concealed (in a bag or aluminum foil or something to cover them). The target amount of people for this dinner will be 10-12, once you go above 12 it can get too unruly, and there won’t be enough wine for each person. Each person will pass their two bottles around and the group will taste them and try to determine what they are–if your bottle shape is extremely unique, ie: SQN, Insignia, etc, please either decant them or move them into a different bottle. Once everyone has tried them we will guess what the grape, region and vintages are–but first we will guess which is BDX vs non. The wines will be revealed each time after the round of guessing. How formal or casual your guesses are will totally be up to you; WSET, CMS, or just winging it are all fine…

Cost: The cost is expected to be around $150. This includes free corkage, and gratuity. They provide all the stems, excellent service and great food.

Why: I’m currently studying for the WSET Diploma, so something like this really appeals to me. These events are also a lot of fun. I hope others feel the same way.

Several people have DM’d me already about this event, so the list has already started. We’ll get a proper list and waiting list started soon.

@PeterB +1
@jzhang +1


Definitely in for this one!

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I’ll be on vacation, hope to make it another time

In. Looking forward!

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Wish I could join, but I will be out of town. Hoping that someone will dare to bring a white duo though! Looking forward to hear how it goes.

I’m a yes.

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I am a maybe. I will probably not know if I can make it until a day or 2 before. If your list fills up feel free to move me to waitlist for someone else who is more certain they can attend.

Count me in pls


I’m going to count you in

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Hi everyone! Im pretty new to berserkers, but am a wine enthusiast based in NYC. Would love to get involved if there’s still space.


Welcome, new faces are always welcome. See you at the dinner!

@J_a_y_H_a_c_k you in?

Still lots of room…

Hi @PeterB this post convinced me to finally create an account :slight_smile: I’d love to attend if there still is space - and get to know some of you all. So, hi everyone!
Can you share more on value? Is there a minimum entry price for each bottle? Are we looking for age in the bottles?

Glad you will be joining! Looking forward to meeting you.

Welcome. This group only brings first growth and petrus and compares it to screaming eagle. Use that as your benchmark.

I realized I might have an unforeseen foreseeable previous commitment with a bottle of muscadet alone at home

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I hope it’s Sur Lie!

Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks.

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I will guaranty that I can be as surly as anyone else! Right now it looks good for July 22nd. My wife will not come because she will have her weekly zoom meeting with friends that night. But I will bring some kind of weird red stuff just to trick everyone.

For the children in the group, we had a Bordeaux blends dinner about 18 years ago. It was called Bordeaux and Bimbos. You have to bring one of each, and the Bordeaux blend could not be from France. Not my idea about the name. It was all blind. I remember the surprises. I may try to bring one of them. Not the one I brought, which was the Benziger tribute. It had too much wood, even for me.


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I heard you can take plenty of wood