Northern Virginia

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Majestic - now $25 (from $20)
Rabieng Thai Restaurant - $8. Rabieng is located at 5892 Leesburg Pike Falls Church, VA 22041.
Highly recommended. This is a “country” Thai restaurant with a good selection of northeastern Esan and other regional food. Recommend that you try the regional dishes - try the Esan summer sausage appetizer or Esan chicken. Owned by Duangrat’s (which is around the corner) - Duangrat’s is “royal” Thai cuisine and corkage is $10. I recommend both restaurants for some of the most authentic Thai food in the area.

Lyon Hall - Arlington. $20

I don’t live in the area any more, but I’m glad so many are on board with this now. If I were there I’d be frequenting on a regular basis

Tuscarora Mill
2941 (worth the upcharge for the service and ambience)
Ashby (great destinataion)

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Majestic in Old Town. If you purchase wine from Society Fair (retail), they will waive corkage fees at Majestic (the wine list is is not that great, unfortunately, but still better than the craptacular list at Majestic).

La Bergerie, also in Old Town - $38! And only Sun-Thurs.

Been a while since anything’s been added so here’s one in Fairfax - Villa Mozart, $25. Surprisingly limited and overpriced list for a very good restaurant, so BYO is a good option to have.

Two local resorts/weekenders:

Inn at Little Washington

We allow two 750ml bottles or one 1500 ml bottle per party. Our corkage fee is $35 for the first 750ml bottle, $50 for the second 750ml bottle or $85 for one 1500ml bottle. The corkage fee will be waived for each bottle (at least 750 ml) purchased off our list regardless of price. We kindly request that guests do not bring in wines that are represented on our wine list. The policy may not be available on holidays or as part of special events.

Salamander Resort & Spa (in Middleburg) $25 at Harriman’s (restaurant).

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Gypsy Soul, RJ Cooper’s newer restaurant in the Mosaic development in Fairfax.

Some pretty tasty dishes, $25 corkage.

I’ve been away for a while. Brix in Great Falls is NOT related to the one in Napa. The owner is from the area.

Now that Majestic has changed hands, there are fewer opportunities in Old Town where the dining scene is pretty tough these days. Has anyone been to a new restaurant with corkage in the Alexandria/Arlington area?

Brine, in the Mosaic development, $25. Good seafood and pretty reasonable pricing.

I can’t help with Old Town (although, how is Brabo or Vermillion these days?), but in Arlington – put Water&Wall on your list.

The last time I checked (a few weeks ago) corkage was $19. Excellent, creative and flavorful dishes from Chef Tim Ma.

Water & Wall - Had dinner there last week - I think it was $25. Great food, will go back!

Talked with the folks at Lyon Hall. If you’re interested in doing wine dinners, talk to their manager and there’s a good chance you can get hooked up with $10 corkage. I had to cancel a dinner last minute but that was what they offered.

Two good reasons to check out Clarity in Vienna. Very good food in a neighborhood restaurant setting and only $10 corkage (with good stemware and wine service).

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Thanks for the edits, Joe, but Gypsy Soul is closed so it should be removed.

Thanks Jeff updated. Anyone else been out lately?