Northern Virginia

Does anyone know how much Mark’s Duck House is charging? Is anyone aware of other Thai or Chinese restaurants offering corkage?


Here is a new one - Little Saigon in Falls Church. $9.95 for corkage.

Strip mall fantastic Vietnamese food. Near Eden Center but not “in” Eden Center. Just down the road next to the Jiffy Lube (yes). Bring your CdPs!

Also one from a colleague (I’m not familiar with the restaurant, however) - Jasmine Cafe in Reston - $10/btl

How’s the food at Little Saigon compare to some of the joints in Eden Center?

Quite favorably. In fact, I thought this was some of the best Vietnamese food that I’ve had in NoVa and have been back since. I actually stole the idea from everyone’s favorite wine critic/villain RP, who wrote a WA article on Little Saigon (has actually written several over the years).

Here was the food line-up (from WA):

Course 1: Bobilla (Vietnamese rice wrappers filled with Vietnamese sausage, plum sauce, vegetables and cilantro)
Course 2: Huge shrimp prepared with garlic, shallots and herbs
Course 3: Deep fried popcorn calamari
Course 4: Roasted meatballs and meat in a lettuce wrap with assorted vegetables
Course 5: Deep fried duck with Vietnamese spicy mandarin orange sauce

I tried all these courses and thought they were fantastic, especially the calamari (and I don’t generally like calamari). I’ve also since had some standby pork/vermicelli dishes and the traditional deep fried rolls. Everything has been quite good and no problems accommodating us on the wine. The other nice thing is that there are a lot of tables and so we haven’t had to wait on a Friday night as we sometimes do at Eden Plaza. Have fun!

Mon Ami Gabby Reston 18$
Il Fornaia Reston 18$

Just for the record, Mark’s Duck House is $10 per bottle.

Updated up top!

Jackson’s in Reston 18$

Nice meal at Little Saigon this past Sunday. Best dish was baby clams served with sesame crackers for scooping; broken rice with grilled pork chop was also tasty. Only dish I’d not order again was their pho…I’m sure it’s not their speciality.

Thanks for the rec!

2941 30$

went to mai thai in alexandria last week…
$25/btl corkage, no limit on bottles or sizes…
great location over looking the water,
decent, serviceable thai food that is flavored more towards the american palate.
pleasantly surprised becuase a lot of these restaurants on the water has very mediocre food at ridiculous prices, but this place is reasonably priced. won’t mind a return visit if folks really want a meal by the water.


Joe - is the Brix in Great Falls related to the one in Napa?

I’ve been to both, and I highly doubt it…

Pleasant, a nice Vietnamese restaurant in Falls Church (it’s in a shopping center on the NW corner of the intersection of Route 50 and Annandale Road) allows BYO with $20 per bottle corkage.

you mean Present?

Yes–Present. My apologies!

You are welcome. Headed there this Saturday with some friends and some bottles. Will try some of those dishes. Last time I visited I had the Orange Chicken and also the Lemongrass Chicken. Orange Chicken was, not surprising, a bit sweet. Lemongrass Chicken was great. Cheers, Scot

BYO two nights in a row this week at these restaurants not yet on the list. Great meals at both places.

Maple Avenue Restaurant, Vienna - $19
Ashby Inn, Paris - $25