Northern Virginia

Let’s go!

Alexandria - Eve - $35
Alexandria - Majestic, $20 Bottle (or free if you purchase the bottle at Society Fair)
Alexandria - Mai Thai, $25, no limit
Alexandria (old town) - Vermillion, $20/btl, 2 btl max

Arlington - Lyon Hall, $10
Arlington - Rays the Steaks, 3 btl max, $10/$20/$20.
Arlington - Quarter Deck, $10

Fairfax - Villa Mozart, $25

Falls Church - Argia’s, $20/btl, Tuesday’s free
Falls Church - 2941, $35/btl, $60/Mag
Falls Church - Duangrat’s. $10
Falls Church - Little Saigon $10
Falls Church - Marks Duck House $10
Falls Church - Rabieng Thai Restaurant, $8

Great Falls - Mediteranee $20/btl. $5 on Monday.
Great Falls - L’Auberge Chez Francois. $40, 2 bottle limit
Great Falls - Tavern $10
Great Falls - Brix $30

Leesburg - Lightfoot, $20
Leesburg - tuscarora mill, $18
Leesburg - Wine kitchen $20

McLean - Pulcinella, $10
McLean - EVO, $20

Middleburg - Salamander Resort & Spa, $25

Paris - Ashby Inn, $25

Reston - Passion Fish, $25.
Reston- Mon Ami Gabbi, $18
Reston- Il Fornaio, $18
Reston - Jacksons, $18
Reston - Jasime Café, $10

Tyson’s Corner - Chef Geoff’s, $20.
Tyson’s Corner - The Palm, $20.
Tyson’s Corner - Mortons, $20
Tysons’s Corner - PF Chang, $10
Tysons Corner - Ruth’s Chris, $20

Vienna - Bazin’s on Church, $25. Nothing from the list
Vienna - Clarity, $25 … (there is a deal where you can bring multiple bottles and they match the menu, no corkage - call them prior )
Vienna - Maplewood Grill, $20
Vienna - Maple Avenue Restaurant $19

Thanks for starting the thread, Joe. I haven’t heard of any restaurant policies yet, but here’s a blog post that frighteningly reports that some NoVa restaurants close to D.C. are contemplating $35 and up corkage fees! [shock.gif]

I just called Restaurant Eve, the best restaurant within 10 minutes of my house, and they don’t allow corkage and seemed to be only vaguely aware of the change. I think the wine community will have to clamor a little bit to expedite the update of policies. I hope our local wine journalists lead the way.

I will never understand high corkage fees. Why would restauranteurs want to deter the patronage of those who clearly invest in their food and wine?

A $15 fee I can understand - you don’t want clientele who are just trying to get a cheaper buzz.

And if you have a carefully curated, diverse list with many drinkable options at reasonable price points, I understand - deter away. But that’s usually about 1 out of 100 restaurant wine lists. Dino in DC is one great list I can think of very quickly - and Dean waives corkage Mon-Wed. I’ve found many of the more pricey restaurants actually have lists that are quite useless.

The fact remains that most restaurants charge $10 for glasses from $15 bottles, sell those same $15 bottles for $40, and among the few higher-end wines they carry, they nearly always only have only infants to offer. And ironically, these are usually the restaurants with the highest corkage fees.

For the life of me I’ll never understand the restaurant business - specifically the ridiculous prices charged for crappy wine. As someone who eats out frequently, it is a source of some irritation and I’m very happy to see corkage hit VA. It will take some time, but it will happen, and like anything else, there will be places that will take advantage of this new law to great effect.

Short story, was eating a local Alexandria French restaurant and not only was the wine list overpriced, but it was a highlight of every down vintage in the last 10 years. Wonder where all those 2008 Rhones went? 2004 Burgundies? All, of course, from obscure wineries you’ve never heard of. I’m surprised they couldn’t find some 2002 CdPs to sell. It was as if they wanted to screw their customers. Amazing.

Jeremy and I (and a couple of other friends) went to Tallula last night to catch an old culinary school buddy, Barry Koslow, before he hangs up his apron there for a new venture. Juliana is in charge of the wine program (I think for the entire NRG) and she let us know their normal corkage policy will be $20/btl, 2 btl max. But she said it’s always flexible. We brought 3 btls in, bought the equivalent of 1 1/2 btls off of her very interesting and well priced list and corkage was waived. But that probably had more to do with knowing Barry and Juliana. Regardless, as with most places, talk to your sommelier or wine director, offer tastes, be nice and you can probably get out of there with a better deal than what is their standard policy.

Not sure what their official policy is on corkage (don’t think they have one) but you owe it to yourself to get out to Mark’s Duck House in Falls Church on a Sunday afternoon in the fall. Place was put on the map by that one wine critic; forget his name, but many wine drinkers love the food, atmosphere and ability to bring as many btls as you would like. CDP’s are quite enjoyable with many of the menu options.

Just read in the Falls Church News Press that Argia’s, a decent Italian restaurant in Falls Church (on Lee Hwy, just a half block north of its intersection with Rt. 7), is permitting BYO–corkage is free on Tuesdays, otherwise $20 per bottle.

I’m also informed by the sommelier of 2941 that they’re allowing BYO of bottles not on their list, subject to a $35 per bottle corkage fee ($60 for magnums).

Updated first post. Anyone else been out to eat lately?

Mediteranee in Great Falls has $20 corkage most nights, $5 on Monday.

Going to Mark’s Duckhouse with wine in tow this weekend. I know about the duck, but any other rec’s for great dishes off their menu?

Some more:

Chef Geoff’s, Tysons, $20
L’Auberge Chez Francois, Great Falls, $40, 2 bottle limit. SERIOUSLY??
Passion fish, Reston, $25
Ruth’s Chris, Tysons Corner, $20
Pulcinella, McLean, $10
The Palm, Tysons, $20
Mortons, Tysons $20
Bazin’s on Church, Vienna, $25, cannot bring in wine that is on the list (doh!)
Lightfoot, Leesburg, $20

Can we consolidate into a single list?

Thanks Karen. The list will be very handy to me as I am in Reston.


Thanks Karen! List updated up top.

I’m going to Restaurant Eve tonight and when I inquired about corkage, I was told $50! [head-bang.gif]

However, they were very accommodating in every other regard for a couple of special requests, so kudos and thanks to them for that.

Just noticed that The Vineyard in McLean will rebate 10% of the cost of any wine that you BYO that you’ve bought from them. The details are on their website.

Here are three:

Le Refuge in Old Town doesn’t allow corkage at all, which is a shame because I enjoy the food and the wine list is rather poor;
Brabo in Old Town doesn’t allow corkage at all - they have a nice list, however;
Vermillion in Old Town - corkage is $20 with a maximum of two bottles.

Evo (McLean) allows Corkage - I think it is $25
Tavern (Great Falls) - $10 (not sure if this is the usual rate - we know the manager)

The Maplewood Grill in Vienna allows BYO with a $20 corkage fee.

a few more:

Brix - great falls 30$
tuscarora mill - leesburg 18$
wine kitchen - leesburg 20$