Non fancy italian reco nyc?

Any recommendations of a traditional-checkered table cloth type italian? Midtown and below.

Good food, for some reason their website was not working

I have not been in a few years but two places at which I ate many times are:

Trattoria Spaghetto - a casual, cash only, easy going Italian-American place in Greenwich Village at 232 Bleeker at 6th Avenue.
Do not expect anything in wine other than mass produced Italian wines.

Villa Mosconi - Also in the Village on McDougal Street near Houston. Also Italian American food with good portions and fair prices. Non-fancy.

Porsena and Lanza’s in the East Village
Giulietta’s Cantina Club - West Village

Keeping with the west village theme above, I would suggest Morandi. If memory serves me right, I did BYO there a year ago for a reasonable cork fee (for NYC), but do not remember the details.

Lanza closed.

If you don’t need pasta, I like Marta a lot.

John’s Italian, on East 12th Street.

Emilio’s Ballato

Monte’s Trattoria

Thanks for all the responses. Quite useful.

+1- get the giant wood fired pork chop (not on the menu)
great champagne list and corkage is $25.00 gratuity included

Seems like he is looking for a red sauce joint. Marta is very far from that type of place.

Don Angie???


I stopped going to red sauce joints once I went to Marta.

But pasta or Parms they don’t got.

Carmine’s. Total red sauce joint. UWS location less touristy. Not in the class of Marta but as stated above Marta is by no means what you asked for but it is excellent.

Parm, in Nolita.

Don Angie, as suggested earlier, is my most preferred red-sauce joint in the city these days. But, reservations is a royal pain.

While not exactly red-sauce, I’ll add Fiasscheteria Pistoia in the East Village if one won’t mind going quite deep into the local neighborhoods.

Pasquale Jones might also qualify.

Rubirosa is another.

+1 parm is delicious

Cacio e Vino in the East Village

Fire at Fiaschetteria Pistoia last week. They are closed for a bit.
+1 for Rubirosa. They reserve on it books up… not like Don Angie (where bar seats offer full menu and are for walk ins)