Next Marcassin Offering?

Just wondering when it might be.

When they get around to it. neener

Yup. You never know with them. They skipped an entire release last year from memory. They march to the beat of their own drum more so than any other.

Both the 2011 Chard and Pinot have been released to retail.

I think they did that last year also.

I’ve been buying for about 10 years and it seems that a few bottles of every vintage show up on restaurant lists and a few other places before the general mailing list release occurs.

This release would be the 2011 chard, right?

New Issue of WA.

  1. Chard. 100 points

  2. Chard. 100 points

  3. Pinot (Bessie’s Block) 100 points

I have seen them at a few retail places month’s before release for years.
Any scores for the 11’s

Chard 97
Pinot 92 …13.9 aic …usually higher

Seeing this makes me want to buy the Pinot again, which is something I haven’t done since the 2007 release.

The longer it takes to release the better aged it will be.

Just got my letter. 2011. 8 Pinot and 4 Chards. 150 per.

All Marcassin Vineyard?


Just got the letter as well. Interesting letter for sure touting the 2012 vintage. Informative footnotes as well. Shipping in June or fall depending on weather.

Received today on the East Coast.

Small allocation and combining the Pinot and Chard…

but dangling the carrot of 2012 100 pointers was an interesting choice of words for sure. Regardless, I am all in.

My order is in.

I’ll alert the media.