Next Marcassin Offering?

You mean, you put a stamp on an envelope and mailed it out?! lol

Faxed it and mailed it.

Gotta love their old school way! I don’t enjoy missing out on the CC points though.

I just ordered some very highly allocated soy sauce from Corti Bros. I’m so cool for having the opportunity to buy it, I thought I’d brag about it here. I bought it online, though. Does that still count as newsworthy, or should I have faxed and mailed my order?

Is anyone impressed? Probably not as impressive as that Andrew is on Marcassin’s mailing list and both faxed and mailed his order, even if only for 12 bottles.

Tomorrow, I’ll order some Flonase from Amazon, and will report back after. Probably not as impressive as either imperial soy sauce or Andrew’s Marcassin order. Maybe more impressive than the Pinot; however, now that I think about it…

The must not be selling out the way they used to. I have not bought in at least 3-4 years and they still send me an offering.

That is an interesting data point. They used to ask if you’d want x bottles additional, and I always checked yes. For several years I’d get the additional bottles, then I stopped getting them, now I noticed additional bottles weren’t even offered (at least to me).

I do love the wines. And based on generous friends they age as good as anything I’ve tasted.

Not sure but haven’t they stopped using grapes from other vineyards? That may explain no more additional bottler offerings.

Bob right now they are offering only estate grapes but that is not the whole reason. It was due to low yield.

Same here. I’ve passed the last 2 years. Instead used my $$$ for some of the Frenchie Burg stuff.

Mailed in my order yesterday, fingers crossed I wasn’t too late…

And on a somewhat separate note, does anyone else think S. Stevenson is actually Bob Davis after he shaves and the transition lenses kick in??

If you have not realized it, that’s not my photo. It’s “Pittsburgh Dad”.