Newport/Costa Mesa Offline Feb 5

Al Forno Caffe
1525 Mesa Verde Dr E, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Monday, Feb 5th @ 6:30pm

Reservation is under my name.


Elliot Steele - Red Burg or Barbaresco
Jay Selman - Chablis
Bryan Cottriel - ?
Larry H - ?
Glenn Murlin +1 - CdP
Cris Whetstone - ?
Bruce Weimer +1 - ??

Looking forward to seeing you all there champagne.gif

Don’t everyone say yes at once… [tumbleweed.gif]

My schedule is still in flux. Have that week blocked for something else but if it falls through might be there.

I am interested depending on the day and place.

Monday the 5th happens to work best for me but I could probably swing Tuesday as well. Newport is your hood so you choose a place that suits you and we can plan our wines around that. Preferably little-to-no corkage if it’s possible.

Unfortunately there is no place in Newport that I know of that doesn’t have corkage. Maybe some of the foodies can chime in and give us some options #Fu

Looks like Gulfstream or Bandera are options. 1st bottle is free then $15/bottle after with no limit. I’ll do a little more research when I have some time.

Kenny, I hope you’re able to make it out!

Water Grill in Costa Mesa offers no corkage.
I believe up to 12 bottles.

Awesome! Didn’t even realize there was a Water Grill in the OC. Thanks for the heads up. That’s definitely a great option for an offline.

Interested here.

We like this little Italian place called Al Forno Caffe. No corkage on Mondays and well priced and tasty food. I’d be willing to go anywhere but a small offline would work well there.


I have heard good things about Al Forno, but have never been. All of these places sound good. Let’s decide on something and start locking in some details. I will be in with a possible +1.

I’m sold on Al Forno. Food looks great. I did notice they close at 9pm (corkage is $15/bottle btw) so I guess we’d start dinner on the earlier side so we have enough time to enjoy. Looks like we are at 6 people including Kenny and your +1 Bryan. We’ll give it a bit more time before booking to give people a chance to join in. The more, the merrier. I’m fine with any start time 5:30 or later. Looking forward to meeting the OC crowd!

Scratch that. Just spoke to Kelly at Al Forno and she said that Monday night is BYOB with no bottle limit!

Also, judging by the Yelp pics, stems will need to be brought.

Correct. No corkage on Monday nights but bring your own stems. I would need to make it a bit later for my schedule, say 6:15-6:30.


I’m in +1 (Larry H…he’s a lurker)…time doesn’t matter to us. Are we going to have a theme or anything goes?

I’m fine with either and seeing as it’s casual the anything-goes theme might work best.

Hi Elliot. Monday, Feb 5 is open for me, so count me in for this offline with a plus one.


Shaping up to be a pretty good crowd. We have 8 total now including Kenny H. I’ll give it till this coming Wednesday to make the reservation. Anyone have a theme suggestion or are we good with the free-for-all theme?