*Newbie* Vinous Reverie Wine Shop (code expires at midnight) - 25% OFF all regularly priced wines with discount code BERSERKERS25

Additionally, anyone who orders a case or more (12+ bottles) will receive a complimentary tasting for 2 at any one of our regularly scheduled Saturday wine tastings (this offer is more relevant for Bay Area residents, but also an excellent reason to travel to sunny California).


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Here is just a small sample of our selections broken down into 3 Categories

1. California Classics
We have a small selection of familiar names ranging from special occasion wines down to everyday drinking selections.
Opus One, Napa Valley 2019
Opus One, Napa Valley 2019 - Vinous Reverie

Rombauer, Chardonnay Carneros 2020
Rombauer, Chardonnay Carneros 2020 - Vinous Reverie

Bishop’s Peak, Pinot Noir San Luis Obispo County 2021
Bishop's Peak, Pinot Noir San Luis Obispo County 2021 - Vinous Reverie

2. International Blue Chippers
Here are some highly reputable wines from some of the most famous estates.
Gaja, Costa Russi Barbaresco 2015
Gaja, Costa Russi Barbaresco 2015 - Vinous Reverie

Dom Faiveley, Grand Cru Corton-Clos des Cortons Faiveley 2018
Dom Faiveley, Grand Cru Corton-Clos des Cortons Faiveley 2018 - Vinous Reverie

Delas, Les Bessards Hermitage 2009
Delas, Les Bessards Hermitage 2009 - Vinous Reverie

3. Vinous Treasures
These are the wines that highlight the shop’s specialty. Some of the listed wines are either only available from my shop in the U.S, or I’m the only one shop on the West Coast to have these wines. I also have older vintages of wines from highly reputable producers and also wines with very competitive prices from very reputable (and typically expensive) regions.

Ziereisen, Jaspis Pinot Noir Baden 2019 - I’m the only one to have this cuvee in the US. I asked the importer of this winery to bring this wine exclusively for me. This exact vintage shared 1st place Decanter - "12 fantastic German Pinot Noirs to track down."
Ziereisen, Jaspis Pinot Noir Baden 2019 - Vinous Reverie

David & Nadia, Hoe-Steen Chenin Blanc Swartland 2018 - Once again, my shop is the only one to have this exact cuvee in the US. A single vineyard Chenin Blanc from a great South African producer.
David & Nadia, Hoe-Steen Chenin Blanc Swartland 2018 - Vinous Reverie

Barmes-Buecher - Multiple cuvees from a great, biodynamic Alsatian producer. The old-vine Pinot Noir is a declassified Hengst Grand Cru wine (Pinots are not allowed to be labelled as Grand Cru wines in Alsace, thus this is labelled as Vieilles Vignes (old-vine) but all the grapes are grown in the Grand Cru vineyard. Their wines age beautifully, including the Rieslings and Gewurztraminers.
Barmes-Buecher, Pinot Noir Vieilles Vignes 2007 - Vinous Reverie

Dom Reyane et Pascal Bouley - several cuvees from this producer including some Volnays. All the Volnays are below $80 including the 1er Crus (it’s just about unheard of to find any Volnays in the market place that retail below $100). This is an excellent producer of Red Burgundy.
Dom Reyane et Pascal Bouley, Volnay 2014 - Vinous Reverie

The most efficient way is to ORDER ONLINE but if you have questions, please reach out to me (Igor) at the shop (925-464-5320) or at igor@vinousreverie.com.
Stock levels listed on the website are accurate, however due to the high number of orders and walk in sales, there may be the rare scenario where a wine is not available. If there is an issue with your order, we will let you know and resolve before shipping it out.
Shipments will begin next week unless you indicate otherwise.
All comments and/or directions can be left in the COMMENTS section during the CHECKOUT process.

Who are we?
Vinous Reverie is THE wine shop for the adventurous wine drinker. My name is Igor and I am the owner and founder. I quit my corporate job to open a wine shop that features a unique, critically acclaimed, and adventurous collection of wines from around the world. While my shop has many classic wines (there are Napa Cabernets, Bordeaux, and Burgundies), its true gems are to be found among its many international selections. I have a variety of highly rated Rieslings - German, Alsatian, and Australian. There’s also an eclectic selection of Indigenous Italian varieties as well as sparkling wines from unusual places like Sicily, Pfalz and Tasmania. My store offers a highly curated experience with unique and acclaimed wines at very competitive price points. I have critic reviews noted and my website is set up to make wine shopping easy and less confusing. I’m pleased to say that many local sommeliers shop at my store – if you want to expand your wine palate, I think my shop is ideal for that.

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What an interesting selection of wines thanks for sharing them with us!

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Oh my goodness what fun! I have been looking for Tirecul La Graviere for years, and there it was! Also went to Provins (in Switzerland) two years ago, and was gobsmacked to see the Humagne Blanche in your selection. Bought both Tirecul, two bottles of Provins, and some sparkling.


Thank you Siun.

And thank you for all your assistance.

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Yes, thank you for the order.
You are right, it is some fun, geeky stuff. It’s the type of wine that I drink and bring to the shop.

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Tirecul are tasty


Taking notes ‘coz Astrid has good taste!

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Order submitted last night!

Hey @Samuel_Smith, here is my post.
Have a great Berserker Day 14

@Igor_Ivanov This is great

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@Igor_Ivanov are you putting any aussies or nz offers on there?

order in for a couple of the 2019 Pilcrow Howell Mt’s.

I’ve heard good/great things about this wine so looking forward to popping a cork soon!

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Thank you @blarmston
I love these wines. Enjoy the rest of BB14

Thank you @S_Lahre
You went straight for the good stuff! Enjoy the rest of BD14

Hey @bradkitson
Offers look awesome.

Thank you @Kdixon
Those are some great wines. Enjoy #BD14

Hi! @Frank_Ingriselli your offer looks awesome, I LOVE Chenin Blanc!

Thanks so much @Dav1d_Sawyer for your order! We are working on it right now :slight_smile: Enjoy the rest of BD14 activities!

@Dane_I your wine tasting notes look fabulous - loving the granite, schist, rock adorations on your deal. I agree, WA state producing some real beauties. Welcome to BD.

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