My Posts vs My Posts?

Not sure if this changed recently or intended, but the hamburger upper right option of “My Posts” takes me to a list of actual posts i’ve made in various threads at this URL:

whereas this URL takes me to the threads where my posts are contained. The top nav in that view lists this view as “My Posts”

i don’t think this matters much but only highlighting in case the change was made with some intention that might end up being confusing for some users.

It changed on Monday with the upgrade to address an issue.

I use the hamburger on mobile but haven’t spent much time playing with the new layout.


How has it changed? Never been very useful to me, because all it does it show me a list of threads I’ve posted in at some point, but that could have been months ago. Would be great if it actually showed me the most recent threads I’ve posted in, starting with most recent.

that’s what this does:

it’s my bookmark for WB

Exactly what it does on mobile.

It uses this link

https ://

Now I see. I use desktop mode on ipad. MyPosts along the top does what I described. But if I use the 3-bar menu, and choose MyPosts, it does what you say (and what I want). That’s cool, I can work with that.

I’ll check on it, used to be ‘my posts’ were threads within I have posted, not just, literally, ‘my posts’ which is of little value (for the lesser narcissistic among us…you know who you are…)

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If so, maybe it should be called My Threads instead? The way you describe is rarely useful to me in using it to find a thread I have posted in recently, because dozens of other threads are likely to have been updated since then.

Yaacov is pointing out how it was before, which was ‘my posts’ were threads in which one posted that had new replies in it - smart to go back to that, and I’m working on it

i like this.

I can obviously see how that is useful. But I never use it that way, because I have “Latest”, which shows me updated threads I’ve posted in (typically).

this is truly fascinating

Sorry, I got that wrong. It’s Unread that shows me threads I’ve posted in (or am watching) with new additions since I’ve opened the thread last.

fascinating because that means he’s posted in just about every thread??? :wink:

might be general confusion about this setting - or even its existence. this controls a ton of the user experience on this site and where / how various threads end up in Unread, Latest, New, etc.

just typical UX challenges; the only people that complain are the ones that are wrong with great conviction.

this has worked for me for years, I have MUCH conviction