Must eats Singapore?

Gonna be there for a few days in the beginning of sept. Any must eats local hawker style?

Don’t care about fine dining. Want to eat chili crab and other national food treasures :slight_smile:

Chillicrab is good… had a blackbean sauce crab and i found I liked it better than chillicrab (chillicrab was a bit too saucy).

hit up china town… some decent places there.
find yourself a local ‘guide’ to tour you around? :wink:

we’re staying with a friend who was born/raised there until he became a Los Angeles attorney. six years later he moved back to Singapore ;p. Take that how you want [snort.gif]

Perankan food. Ivins is good. The restaurant scene changes quickly so there may be better places.

There is very good South Indian food.

My favorite hawker fare:

poh piah (local “spring rolls” except all the ingredients are pre-cooked and it is assembled and served to order)
roti parata (fried Indian flat bread with spicy curry sauce for dipping, what doesn’t work about that? [snort.gif])
Singapore style laksa (rich coconut milk base noodle soup)
Penang style laksa (sour chicken broth base noodle soup)
Nasi Padang (a plate of rice and you choose what combo of Malay/Indonesian foods you want with it)
Ban Mee (Chinese style noodle soup, you want the ikan bilis on top)
BBQ stingray
Chendol (icy coconut milk based dessert with assorted goodies in it)

Oh, and toast with kaya (coconut jam) for breakfast!

Almost forgot, Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Enjoy some Durian Ice Cream while you are over there Charlie!!

After a few visits, I have one must eat place.

Long Beach Seafood Market (there are a few locations, I’ve been to the original on the water and the one in the complex near the Orchid Gardens). And it has to be black pepper crab (last May, went to it two days running, one black pepper, one spicy red pepper, but the red was sweet).
Expect to pay for quality - and get the biggest Sri Lankan crab possible. They are quite large and the quality/freshness is amazing. Maybe $60 for a big one, you probably could share. Other items (i.e., not shellfish from the tank) are less expensive.

Fish head curry and chilli mud crab are musts. Newton Circus and Lau Pa Sat are both excellent Hawker markets.

Agree with Barry about Long Beach Seafood Market. And chili crab and black pepper crab are better at good restaurants than at hawker markets. At the latter, you must get chicken rice and carrot cake, which is really a fried radish omelet-y thing.

Awesome dish! Love it for breakfast… or lunch… or dinner. [snort.gif]

Yum yum. Thx for all the suggestions. Can’t wait. Right now fighting cursed jet lag in ubud, bali

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Have you been to Mozaic yet?

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Black Pepper Crab is good, I prefer White Pepper Crab. Head over to the Geylang branch of No Signboard for some White Pepper Crab. Have some fried buns to wipe up the sauce with. Simply amazing.

Lau Pa Sat late at night for cold beer and warm food. Very relaxing.

Not hawker, but this is where I want to eat- #94 of The World's 50 Best Restaurants | Burnt Ends
(disclaimer: they sell our juice)

My favorite in my very brief trip to Singapore was simply the noodle stands, with those amazing peanut-based sauces