My new favorite recipe. From the book Downtime: Deliciousness at home by Nadine Levy Redzepi.

Have a spoon and a good baguette ready, the sauce is to die for.


Is passata paste? What’s the Noilly Prat? Looks great.


Its the italian word for strained. MUTTI is a good brand for strained tomatoes.

Noilly Prat is a dry vermouth from France. In contrast to the italian version based on herbs. Cooks use it for sauces.

P.S. I corrected the recipe

I presume Spanish chorizo, not Latin American chorizo.

YES, spanish chorizo is easy to find in Berlin.

just re-cooked tonight…such good. Now is time for Bouchot Mussels.


Delicious. I like to add cannellini or any other good white bean to make it a bit more filling, and they taste great too.

Beans? Interesting.

I served it with Linguine, classic.