Most Disappointing Wine You Cellared

I bought heavy on Turley Petit Syrah 15-20 years ago because I liked them. But based on the advice given at the time I put them down to let the tannins soften and secondary flavors evolve. I started getting into them a couple years ago and have been totally unimpressed with them at this point. Only the Hayne bottlings seem to have held up. Most of the others have turned raisiny, pruny, chalky and one dimensional. I recall RP saying that some of them would need 50 years to come around. Today they hardly resemble PS.

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With one exception, every bottle from my case of 2001 Smith Haut Lafitte has been a disappointment. My all-time worst experience, however, was a case of 1973 Léoville Poyferré, every bottle of which was total crap.

Most disappointing? Should we have a negative ranking scale (0 to -100, say)?

There is a small group to choose from:

2001 Pape Clement (woody, goopy mess)
1998 Vieux Donjon (every bottle, from multiple sources, has been dead since the mid-2000s)

4 or 5 1985 H Jayer Exhezeaux, all heavily corked, evidently a rep that wine now has.

Most Gaunoux Burgs.

all my premoxed white Burgs.

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Ignoring faulty esp. corked wines.

Probably Cullen Cab/Merlot from 1998 and 1999. Not the most disappointing wines in purely comparative terms, but very high expectations were thoroughly dashed.

Also an honorary mention to 1990 Nervi Gattinara Molsino - very underwhelming, but I’m hoping the new owners are doing a better job.

Aside from flawed bottles, not many at all…would probably have to say most disappointing was a bottle of 2005 Janasse Vieilles Vignes that I bought on release and opened last year; was over-ripe, boozy, over-oaked and lacking freshness. To put it in context, on the same evening I also opened up a 2005 Perrin CdR Villages that was far better.

Wow, that makes me feel better, when I sold my cellar in Sydney before moving back to New Zealand I had a few of Vanja Cullens wines and I was quite bummed out to sell them, maybe I dodged a bullet

1982 Giacosa Santo Stefano purchased in the early 90’s. Two of three bottles were incredible, but this last bottle which I was saving for a perfect occasion, my birthday this year, was totally maderized. I have never had a wine like this including horribly oxidized white burgs.

I agree with this. These are good wines, but they have IMHO been over-scored and over-hyped.

For a specific white Burgundy, how about the mother of all premox - Verget. Big scores by Parker in the 1990s, the poster child for premox.

Also on my list would be Peter Michael 1997 les Pavots. Very tasty young, did not age.

My mags of 07 leflaive batard montrachet.

Everything French except Pavie

1998 Beaucastel CNdP. Never improved with age. Still have a few for some reason.

Without a shadow of a doubt the '99 Garretson “The Finne” Alban Clone Syrah. I bought six on Wine Cask Futures back when there was a Garretson and Wine Cask Futures may they both RIP, and made the mistake of sitting on them for five years. They were sickingly sweet and weird tasting.
There were six packs of 2001 Siduri Pisoni and Sineann Resonance that come to mind as OK, but nowhere near the price-point.
And then, top honorable mention goes to '00 Clarendon Hills Kangarilla Grenache that Parker went orgasmic over. I bought nearly a case of it.
Ooops-that reminds me-every stinking bottle of '00 Marquis-Philips shiraz, cab, and merlot (I bought a case of each from Wine Library untasted thinking I got a deal) which were not suitable for frat party sangria.
Here’s a nice thread from the archives that praises the Garretson and at least does manage to peg Tom Hill TN: Wine Cask SB Futures (long and erudite, or is that crudi

All of the 07 CdP I bought based on the RP hype. I was new to buying (and I really like sushi).

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Every bottle I’ve ever had of this has also been dead.

Most Gaunoux burgs

Which Gaunoux?

I think too many people mistake BIG fruit, BIG alcohol or BIG tannin as a guarantee a wine can by aged for a long time. In my very uninformed opinion, I feel like balance is the most important element along with those others plus acidity.

Otherwise you end up with a gloppy mess, or sherry vinegar.

Wow. That’s weird, I probably had a half case of the 98 VD from release up to maybe age 10 or so and they were all superb. They were pretty much always better than the 98 Vieux Telegraphe or Pegau when side by side too.

Maybe there were different bottling runs or shipping/container vendors.


The category of wines that most disappointed me with cellaring was Priorats. They are generally priced like they are ageworthy, and I found that, for my tastes, they were better younger. So I stopped buying them lay down plus I don’t get that much more out of them compared to the much less costly Mont Sants and other nearby DOs.

Interesting question, as would be those that overperformed. On disappointing, the single standout has to be the 2001 Grasso Barolo Runcot. Opened one of a three pack sometime close to to purchase (2007?) and posted on another board how terrible it was. The Swedish rep for Grasso, I believe, responded this was his top cru and just needed time to come around. Well, it has still not come around–oaky, stewy mess till this day.
Overperformer has to be the 2004 Sempre Vive Napa Cab from Romeo Vineyards, purchased as a 3-pack from WTSO, and went back from another. Still don’t know anything about them, but just beautiful balanced, site specific Napa juice. Love to get my hands on some more.