Montreal Restaurants

Stopping through Montreal for a night on our way to Burlington and looking for a restaurant. Not necessarily looking for fine dining - it sounds like their poutine game is :fire: . Any experts on the board?

My wife and I are fans of Toque’.

I like the wine list.

Random example:

2018 Château Calon-Ségur can be had here for 145 dollars American at retail, and their list is only 123 Canadian.

You must of course have smoked meat while you’re in Montreal or GTFO. Stop in at Snowdon Deli, Reuben’s Deli, Dunn’s Famous, Lester’s Deli, Schwartz’s Deli, or The Main Deli. You should also do Montreal Rotisserie chicken at Chalet BBQ.

@Anton_D Thanks for the rec - I think we’re aiming for something simpler on this run.

@Tran_Bronstein That is what I’m looking for! Looks like we’re doing Chalet for dinner and Snowdon for breakfast.

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Mic drop…

Late to this, but check out Gibby’s. Informal steakhouse in an awesome setting.

Joe Beef still great? Loved au pied de cochon.

I was at Joe Beef last month and had a great meal, probably my favorite during the trip where we also made it to Toque, l’Express, Vin Mon Lapin, and a handful of others.

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Any other suggestions - fish oriented when possible.

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Planning a trip in early December any recent standouts?

Non tasting menu - good and affordable wine list…

Been years, but L’Express was a simple bistro with a nice wine list if you’re near the plateau. I’ve only been there for lunch.

My tentative lineup-

Le Filet
Place Carmin
Vin Pappillon
Joe Beef


Vin Mon Lapin

We went to Le Filet about 5 years ago and enjoyed it.