Meaty and/or savory wine

I’ve had an unquenchable thirst for wine that most would describe as savory or meaty for the past couple of years. Been drinking a lot of aged bdx and rioja. I’m looking for suggestions for specific wines that you’ve recently had that really stood out as meaty or savory.

Head to the Northern Rhone.

Lexington Wines in Santa Cruz make some rather savory versions of Cab, Merlot and Malbec. These are not soft and round, but angular and stern. Not at all fruit forward. Lovely structure and stiff tannins. About $50 per bottle.

Yes, try Alain Voge Cornas les Chailles for the flavor of rare beef.

If you want fresh killed game, including the blood, try Bertrand Ambroise Cote de Nuits.

Levet in the Northern Rhône makes wines as gamey as anything I’ve ever tasted

Goons or Levet are both a good place to start

Mourvedre, man!

Just had a glass of 2015 Graillot Croze Hermitage tonight… showing plenty of meaty savoriness with primary fruit popping through seamless layers. Showing beautifully right out of the gate, $30 or a bottle, great to drink now.

Interesting. The 2014 two months ago was massively reductive and no amount of time in the decanter seemed to make a significant difference.

Plenty of options, though most would still be producer (and perhaps as significantly - age) dependent.


  • Musar, though the 2nd label Hochar pere et fils can fit the bill
  • Puglia (though it’s a case of sampling to find the ones that fit the bill)
  • More northern parts of Portugal e.g. Dao
  • Bandol/Mourvedre a good call
  • Hunter Valley Shiraz
  • A small number of Langhe Barbera with some age on them

Wines from Naoussa in Greece. I could mention some specific wines, but it is probably more a question of trying what you have available

I immediately thought of cool climate Syrah.
Bedrock Griffin’s Lair and Hudson Vineyard North Pleine de Chene are two good domestic examples.
I have also had some Bien Nacido Syrah that exhibits those savory notes you desire.
Nicora, Jaffurs, Ojai, Qupe and others make Bien Nacido Syrah.

I love that flavor profile as well. For me there’s only one place I go, Northern Rhone Syrah. Allemand Cornas and Jamet Cote Rotie hit the spot every time. At a better price point Gonon St Joseph is fantastic.

If budget is a consideration try Cabot, I’ve had quite a few of these that had a strong meat (bacon really) note.

For under $40, 2015 Graillot Crozes Hermitage has a distinct hung meat note, although it isn’t as strong as you’d find in its big brothers from Cornas, Cote Rotie, etc.

Lagier Meredith Syrah with a little age.

2012 Arnot Roberts Clary Ranch Syrah it’s like eating burned bacon and roasted olives you fond on the ground in the forest right after a rain.

Alban wines fit this perfectly, any of the Rhone blends will be savory and meaty

You could try Madiran reds as well. I find them pretty meaty in comparison to the Tannat from Uruguay. They need time though.

Cote Roties and Cornas often show that smoky, sweaty, ham type of flavors especially after some bottle age.

Some years ago someone poured a Gaillard ‘Rose Pourpre’ bottling for us which was like a Christmas ham in a bottle!

My SO doesn’t care for those flavors so usually I have to wait til other wine geeks are around to enjoy, or wait for a weekend when I might have an extra glass over the evening(s) to finish these.