MD Berserkers...JSM highly rated wines tasting

Hey Marylanders,
There was some interest about trying to get an offline together so here is my attempt to get one started. I had posted notes of the Pico Madama about a week ago and Darryl Priest suggested tasting some highly rated JSM wines to see how our palates calibrate.
I think it could be a fun idea and can offer up a Pico Madama or will source whatever is needed.
My work schedule is crazy and Sun, Mon, and Wed are the only days of the week that I am always free. So if one of those days could work for others that is great. I can offer my apartment in Columbia as a gathering point or am open to finding a BYO.
Any interest on this theme? Or any other theme?

come on MD berserkers. lets get shitfaced…I mean…taste some wine in a professional manor!

I missed this when you first posted it, must have been server issues deadhorse

I’ve got Pico Madama and the Sierra Carache and probably a few others I could dig up.

Maybe we should post a link over “there” … they seem to like JSM rated wines there. [stirthepothal.gif]

I’d be game though I’m out of town till August 30th.

would sun, mon, or wed work for anyone other than me?

i also have some weekend evenings off so that is a possibility. what is everyones availability?

Either a weekend venue or one easily accessible via public transportation would be preferable for me. Car renters tend to get gouged during the week.

Between Sun, Mon and Wed, for me, Monday is the only option. Fridays are bad for me, until the end of September, but some Saturdays would work.

Does anyone know a good BYO? I know of Catonsville Gourmet, some pasta place at the corner of snowden and 108, and a sushi place in cockeysville.

I can still offer up my place in Columbia too, I have lots of glasses and spit buckets.

M. Smith are you in Baltimore? No car?

Re: BYO wine: Orchard Market and Cafe (" onclick=";return false;) is very good if one enjoy’s Persian cuisine (occasionally with a belly dancer :wink:).

Though I’ve been sorely tempted, I’m waiting till we’re out of the economic woods to procure a car. Car-less by choice since 1984.

Alternatively, if one likes high-end Indian cuisine, Ambassador Inn (" onclick=";return false;) also allows BYO wine. This restaurant is even better than the previous suggestion, provided one enjoys this sort of setting.

I haven’t looked at this since it was bumped. I am up for whatever everyone else can agree on. Although it will be a challenge, I think I can come up with a JSM highly rated wine as well.

Orchid Cafe looks pretty awesome. All of the wines don’t have to be JSM rated, in fact I’m not sure I own any besides Pico Madama.
What goes well with Persian food? Rieslings? Alsace?

Agreed on Orchid Cafe. Looks great! Seems like there’s food there too that could be paired with JSM wines too. I’ve got a few others as well, have to look to be sure.

I think we should try to pick a date and set it up. The whole Maryland Berserkers idea might take off if we could swing an off-line, however small, and post notes about it afterwards. At this point, maybe the latter half of September?

As for wines and Persian food, maybe something Mediterranean for the reds would work.

end of september would be good. jess’s sister is pregnant and due around the 10th so we will be making a trip up to ny at some point soon.

I’m game although Darryl knows I aint got no JSM wine in my cellar. Hell, I think I only have a cs or so of Spanish wine in there…

Just for the sake of further discussion, the following link (which I posted a while ago in the BYO thread in the travel section) contains a list of Baltimore-area BYO-friendly places:" onclick=";return false;

Many are closer to the D.C. dwellers than the Towson joint, to the extent that makes a difference. Plus, having the list handy will make planning future offlines a little easier.

The reference to Salsa Grill on the BYO list is inaccurate, as that place unfortunately is no longer in business.

Don’t worry Faryan, I am sure I can spot you a Mollydooker.

Sure, everyone needs a cocktail before the actual wine tasting starts.