Maui BYOB?

Apparently the county law has recently changed and some restaurants do permit it. However, other than seeing that Merriman’s in Kapalua charges $45/bottle and Mama’s Fish House charges $20 or $25, i haven’t been able to get a good read on many restaurants. Anyone have a better list? Thanks

We took a bottle of 2009 Ceritas Chardonnay Porter-Bass to Honu in Lahaina tonight. Honu and its sibling restaurant, Mala, next door charge $25. I’ll report more as I find them.

That’s nice to know. On our last trip to Maui we ended up drinking a case of wine back at our hotel with Tapas. NTTAWWT!

Thanks; I would appreciate any additional insight you might have. How was Honu?

Honu was nice, Walter. Casual. Get waterfront seats if you can. Good service too.

Maui establishments that do not allow BYO: Gerard’s; I’O; Pacifico; Japengo.

Allows BYO:
Honu - $25
Mala - $25
Maui Fish & Pasta - $25
Longhi’s - $30
Leilani’s - $20 (BYO wine cannot be a wine on their list)

We enjoyed a wonderful evening tonight dining at Maui Fish & Pasta with fellow berserker Andrew Kaufman and our better halves. The food and service were terrific. Best meal of the trip so far.

Unbelievable evening. The food and wine were terrific, the company even better.

I might add the following:

The Plantation House 35.00
Roy’s 25.00
Koa’s 20.00 but double check.

Any updates for Maui? Going in a few weeks

Any updates? Also trying to decide how much to bring for a week long stay. Has anyone been to the Maui Costco lately? On prior trips the selection at the stores and shops has been very underwhelming.

We didn’t go to the Costco but Wailea Wine had a decent selection and prices were not outrageous

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