MACDONALD on 9/20/16

It finally official. The release is for the truly great '13. [cheers.gif]


Did not get an email. I guess not for me this year :frowning:

I heard from many sources that it will be a great release and the wine is phenomenal.


Can’t wait! Had the privilege of tasting the '13 with Alex a few weeks ago, and the wine was incredible. If you’re lucky enough to receive an allocation, BUY IT!

I’m crossing my fingers that I can get some this time. I missed out on both the 2011 and the 2012 by not being quick enough.

Any insight on qty/price ?

I hope Alex doesn’t mind me posting this … I just asked if allocations were first come, first served or if they were “guaranteed” for some period of time. He responded with “Our hope is that previous customers will have about one week to place their order this year.” I’ll still be anxious until I get my order confirmation email, but at least I won’t have to duck out of a meeting Tuesday morning to place the order.

Anyone know what time the release will be at?

Last year, the email arrived at about 9am Pacific time.

Hopefully the price is still $450 for a 3 pack.
Quantity is up from previous years 143 cases of the '12 vs 227 cases of '13. Not sure if this means old costumers get more or that they’ll let in more new people.

Easy in.

It will be interesting to see what he does at Blankiet moving forward. Does anyone know where else he is the winemaker?

Talked to Alex and looks like $450 for a 3-pack.

Didn’t get an email but only recently went on the list. Would LOVE to get some but if I don’t…well I already have bought too much wine this year. :frowning:

If it’s as good as it’s supposed to be (and I get an allocation) it would make dropping a few of the higher end lists off my annual buy a lot easier.

Hmmmmmmmm. Let me think a minute … In.

What does this mean? Who is making the wine at Blankiet?

Graeme took on the winemaker role at Blankiet recently. I think it’s the only other winemaking he is doing besides MACDONALD.

Very much looking forward to Graeme and Alex’s latest!

That is correct. He’s excited too, the potential there is tremendous.



Confirming $150 per bottle, sold in 3 packs.

227 cases made.

Oh, and I’m in.