Just went and visited at MACDONALD with Alex and we were just blown away. Not only was it the greatest expression of Napa Cabernet that we have ever tasted, but Alex is also just straight the man. Incredibly down to earth and so humble considering that they are pushing out such incredible juice. So thankful to have been able to try their wine and they fully support the hype. What incredible juice, an incredible site and incredible people. We’re kind of still in shock from how amazing everything was.

Yup. I’ve written something similar myself and read it multiple times. #facts

Awesome you had such a great experience. There really isn’t a bad thing you can say about Alex and what he is doing with his brother MacDonald. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to purchase these and have a glass at pickup each year!

One of the few wines I don’t even hesitate to purchase. Hearing the 2016s are magical.

The 2016s are indeed magical, IMO. Tasted with Alex in mid-May, and the raw intensity completely blew me away. Really pure representation of To Kalon, but in addition has this dark and earthy quality that shines through, leaving an incredibly complex and rich finish. First 100 pointer.

I signed up for the mailing list. Am I correct in assuming that there is currently a wait to get allocated?


Couldn’t agree more. I visited mid May (first visit) and was blown away with the entire experience. Alex was phenomenal, as was the property and of course the 2016 vintage. THRILLED to be a supporter of Alex and Graeme. Cheers! [cheers.gif]

Settled in for the long haul

The wines are next level delicious, the estate is beautiful, and Alex and Graeme are awesome dudes, but can we all agree that the BEST part about a visit there is getting to hang out with Honeybee? I mean, that dog is awesome… :wink:

Your title is perfect! Unique and awesome experience to visit their property, incredible wines and amazing people.

Anyone know how long on the wait list to buy? I signed up about two years ago.

Depends on production i believe, last few years there have been very few drop offs from the list so there is not a lot of movement. I seem to recall 3000 people on wait list so if 100 a year drop off which is highly unlikely your looking at 30 years. If they increase production this could come way down but 5-10 years as a minimum seems likely. SE is at least 10 years, SQN, Cayuse etc are 7-9 years by comparison

Many of the proprietors of wines like these also follow this board. Guys like Alan who post sh*t like questioning the 17 vintage having never tasted any of them, questioning the value of various wines pricing, generally post mostly negativity and more don’t endear themselves to the listmasters and their wait will likely be infinity


Do you mean Cayuse?

There is a 50 year wait list for Caymus !!!



You mean unlike people like you who sit there trolling looking for ways to attack and belittle me to make yourself look good. Many people have questioned the 17 vintage, i am the only who questions the 13 vintage, so why do i question 13 ? I dont see what i said about Macdonald list as negative, it will be a long wait unless the production increases then we have no idea how it could change.

Typo fixed

I’m waiting for the real Alan to post.