Luxardo Cherries Where?

Was just wondering where I can find these? I see there are several online retailers offering them but I would like to avoid paying shipping that is close to the price of a jar themselves.

Are there any other cherries in the same vein out there?

Has anyone ever tried making their own?


not sure where in SoCal you are – but good liquor stores, BevMo, specialty foods stores usually carry them. K & L of course, but that brings the shipping thing into play. But with the price of gas, if you don’t find them close by might be worth it.

In California these are distributed by Southern Wine & Spirits - one of the two huge wholesalers that virtually every wine shop/liquor store does business with so it would be very easy for your corner store to special order them for you. If you just want a jar or two then there will probably be a $1 -$2 upcharge, but that will still be a lot cheaper than having them shipped.

Thanks guys. I have yet to see them at BevMo or any of the liquor stores I frequent. I will inquire to see if I can special order them. I get Luxardo Maraschino liqueur at my local BevMos but they don’t seem to carry the cherries, go figure.

Hi Times carries them. Not sure where you are in SoCal though.

The Luxardo line is technically imported by Preiss Imports which recently had some convergence with Southern. Maybe Southern bought them out? Either way, there seem to be a few hiccups in the supply chain and all Luxardo products seem to be in short supply. They’ve been out of stock in NY at the wholesale level for a couple of months now but are starting to trickle back into circulation. It might be tough to find them now but keep hunting and check with your local stores and specifically ask them to ask for an ETA from Southern.

I asked a few local stores if they could try to order them, we will see. Thanks for the tip Ryan, if I can’t get them locally I will be sure to check out HiTime next time I make it over there.

An entire shelf full at Thousand Oaks’ Total Wine store. $18.99. I bought one.

We had some at Christmas time. Most people when ape-shit and not in a good way when they saw the price.

So I finally found these at a local BevMo, I think I mentioned it to one of the managers awhile back and they finally were able to order them. Not cheap at $19.99 but better than having them shipped and I just haven’t been able to make it over to HiTime.

First off the color and consistency are amazing, the aroma is unmistakably Maraschino but much more natural and pure than the artificial and cloying character you get off the neon processed cherries. I am afraid to try one of these out of the jar as it seems like they could be addicting.

Trying these in a Manhattan and the cocktail is approaching perfection, I think the only thing missing is the Forbidden Bitters from Miracle Mile. Seems like I am always looking for ingredients for cocktails but glad to finally nab some of the beguiling Luxardo cherries.

Made & enjoyed a Manhattan tonight. Nothing better than the Luxardo cherry at the end.

And if you’ve come this far – go a little further and get the Forbidden Bitters. They last forever and are truly the distinguishing, finishing touch

Forgot to mention that the jars I grabbed had Anchor Distilling Company as the importer on the label. Don’t know if that has changed from the past importer but thought I would mention it for those in the business.

Just finished my Manhattan and man what flavor in these cherries, simply amazing.

How is Bev Mo 10% above the going rate with their volume?

Don’t know if it was because they had to special order them or what, didn’t ask because I was just happy to find them.

I found a great cocktail cherry! Griottines are the best cocktail cherries and beat the Luxardo by far? A softer flesh and less processed flavor. Fab for Manhattans and like drinks. A bit pricey but well worth it.

I just wanted to say that the Luxardo Cherries and the Maraschino Liqueur are delicious…if costly.

I’ve thought about buying the liqueur, but not sure how to use it. Ideas on ways to use the liqueur?

I had a great cocktail recently that had Luxardo liqueur in it:

Serrano syrup

Majority of the local stores in NJ carry em

I order off Amazon and get free shipping w Prime. Two jars for about $34.