Los Gatos/Santa Cruz/Monterey Dinner Group Dinner #6: Sunday April 7 Menlo Park

Jeez Robert, I should’ve kept you away from the Ridge table. :wink:

Sorry you won’t make it. Hope to see you at a future event.

Yes on 11.

Robert - there’s no obligation to taste or drink. The food is great. We’ll have spit/dump cups. If you want to come and just be social and not drink, that’s fine. If you aren’t up for it, that’s fine, too. I don’t think having 10 or 11 will effect the per person cost.

Thanks for fitting me in. The reservation is for 5:30 pm, correct?

Any chance someone could bring an Ah-so?

I can

I always pack a waiters corkscrew and Durand.

Thanks! I figured, but wanted to be sure.

Same. Different question: I assume there are no decanters at the restaurant? I have a slightly older bottle that I will double decant in that case.

Also, last call for pre-game at the Ridge Spring member event. Let me know if you want to join Juan and me at 2:00pm. Otherwise I will reduce the reservation tomorrow morning when they open.

I highly doubt they have decanters. Not the kind of thing that the typical Chinese restaurant carries. I can think of only one restaurant that might, Great China, but it’s in Berkeley.

No. We’ll have a round table with a big lazy susan. Not that deep of a table space in front of us, so think bringing Bdx stems is a good idea.

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Yes, 5:30

We are maxed out at 11…lost. one gained two see above edited roster

Such an amazing evening, thanks George and Wes for organizing! Let’s add a bottle shot for posterity… all the other events in the series have one.

Three generations from Alsace… the 1976 Hugel Gewürztraminer SGN was haunting.

Since some asked how I had found out about Kientzler, I can’t remember exactly, but it was probably this post:

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I’m hard on wines I bring but I loved the 2001 Brogan SB, and the 86 Devil’s Hill, not so much the Alesia Chenin (possibly damaged? By me?) and the Steiner Hund (boring).

The 98 Zind Humbrecht was my WOTN. Possibly because it contradicted the stereotype, but both the nose and palate were perfectly balanced.

Late to this, but just wanted to thank everyone (especially George and Wes) for a truly special evening. So many wonderful wines, but my favorites were probably the '99 Calera and '86 Devil’s Hill - what a treat.