Los Gatos/Santa Cruz/Monterey Dinner Group Dinner #6: Sunday April 7 Menlo Park

Welcome to all, newcomers welcome.

This is the April dinner, the March in Santa Cruz dinner is in another.post.

April 7 at Fey. In Menlo Park

Attendees will be updated in Post #28


Spoke to Hero Ranch today… first 6 bottles are free, thereafter $25 per bottle. I propose we merely split the corkage among all attendees if we end up going with HRK. Open to something else though!

And April sounds good, pretty free as of now.

Sounds like a fair deal. Re: calendar, April is still a bit murky for me. This is my general availability:

Are we trying to stick to Los Gatos, or should be look for South Bay/slightly up the peninsula as well?

Ulli if we go further away from Hwy 17 than Los Gatos, some of the best wine group dinners I’ve been to have been to Asian restaurants with a turntable in the middle. Theyre less expensive than HOME or Hero Kitchen.

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I’d be up for Fey in Menlo Park in early April. Excellent Sichuan, private room, spinny table. That’s one George is referring to. Capacity is 11 people.


Second that if we don’t do Hero Kitchen, I went to a dinner there

Looks good, would love to join as well.

Also check out our Dinner #5 thread re March 20 Santa Cruz.

@jasonanthonyguy and I met today and had a brief conversation, he may be interested.

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Sichuan food sounds awesome. Shall we do some day between April 5-7? I’m open to other weekends.

I could do April 7 (I’ll be somewhat close since I have a reservation for the Spring member event at Ridge that afternoon). I may be out of town April 5/6.

Hi all! I’d love to join this as well. April 5-7 would work well for me, and Fey is great - it’s just down the street.

Let’s choose Sunday April 7 at Fey and see if that works for everyone interested.


Fey says yes for table for ten for dinner Sunday April 7. What time? 530, 6, or 630?

I’d prefer the earlier time slot, and could make the later ones work.

If there’s room, I’d like to join.

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Any of those times works for me.

I’ll book 5:30 and change it if needed.

Fey is offering to help with menu selection in advance. I’d like to accept the offer. Any strong preferences? We would share everything.

If the Dungeness season is still open, perhaps see what preparations they suggest.