Los Gatos/Santa Cruz/Monterey Dinner Group Dinner #6: Sunday April 7 Menlo Park

Anytime works for me.

I would like to join.

See below for attendees and details

Sorry I can’t make this, would love to join!

Yes, I’m in. 11 is is max for that table. I don’t mind ordering.

Attendees updated below

Actually, +1 for me.

Fey Restaurant
1368 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 324-8888

KTran plus one
TomP +1

That’s 11, the max is 11.

Wes, because you know this restaurant the best, may you please order keeping in mind preferences posted here? Larry wants Crab. I want a foot massage.
And seriously, there will be no wine theme

Possibly attending?: Jason Anthony Guy

Yes, everyone please check out the menu. Post anything you’d like to try or are skeerd of. Wine theme is use you judgment. What would go well with the food, what you’re inspired to share. Generally, bold/young/dense fruited/tannic reds aren’t the best choice.

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Thanks for wrangling this! I second any motion that involves Dungeness Crab. Apart from that, I’d be happy to have Gan Bian String Beans, Beef Tendon, Jellyfish Salad, Ma Po Tofu, Pork Belly, or Tea Smoked Duck. Should I keep going? :slight_smile:


Yes, i was looking at those. A good range and balance of dishes is the idea, so those all fit that perfectly. Their tendon is really good.

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So sad I will not be able to make this one. Sound like a good venue and wish I could make it. Have a great time!

Anyone interested in attending before dinner? I have three 2:00pm spots open for this now (no cost), other members of my party won’t be able to join.

I know that some of the old timers are disappointed about how the member events evolved. That said, they are nice in their own right, with interesting food pairings matching the tasting. At the Fall event, we got to taste Monte Bello Chard, Blasi, Pagani, Lytton Springs and Rousten Cab Franc.

Uli not I, but thanks. No old Ridges allowed was the finsl straw.

I’ll pass, but thanks. I have an 11am res, but I’m going to cancel. I already tasted the Estate wines and Jimsomare Zin at the SCM Grand Tasting event.

Also, for the reason George stated as well as the fact they don’t do the Monte Bello components tasting anymore. I understood why for 2020-22 vintages (low yields), but 2023 is a normal yield vintage. Ridge keeps chipping away at the things which made it fun to attend.

Potentially in, I’ll send you a message.

I will join if there is still room for one more.

@George_Chadwick @Wes_Barton , we should have room for Bill, right?

My understanding is Wes thinks the table can hold 11 and Bill would be the eleventh. Wes?

Howdy all. If you have enough people I am going to bow out. After the Santa Cruz mountain tasting, I found myself more agitated than interested. I am stepping back from wine for a while. I just don’t seem to be enjoying it very much right now and am taking break. Have a great meal and lovely bottles.