Los Angeles Offline Series - Free Wine!


Now that I have your attention, read on…

Something I’ve been considering for a while and further inspired by recent threads I Think I may be Done and WINE COLLECTION- WHAT TO DO AFTER 20 YEARS OF COLLECTING WINE?, I’m hoping to start a series of offline dinners where I bring all the wines. I would like to share my wines with those newer to this hobby, who may not have had the opportunity to try mature and interesting wines (mostly old world). I would like to limit the dinners to three people (not including myself) that participate on this BB. Please send me a PM explaining your wine experience, wine preferences and why you would like to participate. I will select guests and announce the participants in this thread. The dinner will be held in the greater Los Angeles area, at a venue where corkage is reasonable.

For the inaugural event, shooting for mid-week in January 2023.

If this idea takes off, the series will continue. Many thanks for your interest.



very cool idea Gregg!

I anticipated more interest than this post has elicited. So far only one interested individual. Perhaps the notion of newer to wine is too ambiguous. To clarify, I will give preference to anyone, not necessarily new to the hobby, but limited exposure in trying old world wines. I’m not trying to get too pedantic about this, just hoping to turn on a few people to the wines I was fortunate to acquire and cellar. So, just send a PM if this peaks your interest. If there is no interest in the next few weeks, I’ll consider this a failed experiment.


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It is a wonderful idea, but maybe everyone here feel that they know too much to qualify.

I’d totally take you up on the offer it it were Seattle, not LA. Ah well, next life!

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We have our first OL set for January. Thanks to those that replied.


I would totally join if I weren’t traveling! Hopefully you’ll do this again :slight_smile:


If you happen to be traveling to New York I would definitely join one in the future. Super nice of you!

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