London restaurants

We’ll be in London (Mayfair) for a few days with our teenage kids and wondering if anyone has good restaurant recommendations? Kids love a variety of foods and are comfortable dining anywhere but looking for some places that are interesting, have great food and wine list but not too formal. Thx.

I just booked Hyde and Medlar. I think they would fit your description. This thread was very helpful: London Special Occasion Restaurant - Travel, Wine Tourism, and Restaurants Forum - WineBerserkers

Great thank you!

Nopi, one of Ottolenghi’s restaurants, is very close to Mayfair. Excellent food and pretty good wine list.


Noble Rot has a great wine program.

Brawn is a favorite, the wine program is mostly Natural.


We love BRAT. Excellent food and a very solid wine program. They also permit BYOB.

Second Noble Rot. And I’m still a sucker for St John.

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Not in Mayfair but a favorite of mine is Pique-Nique in Tanner Street Park. It’s near London Bridge Station and off Bermondsey Street which another fun spot. Always great food with shareable specials, small but well put together wine list and not formal.


ive recommended noble rot to couples and families with teenagers and everyone had a good time.

my go to is always lunch at rochelle canteen in shoreditch. any ottolenghi restaurant will do. i prefer the one near spitalfields.

brunch at berners tavern should be fun with teenagers. i didnt enjoy the wolseley for what its worth.

trishna for upscale indian would be good for teenagers. im not a fan of st john but do find st john bread and wine fine in the area. would pick rochelle canteen over all of those though. its owned by his wife.

Just had a really lovely meal a week ago at Portland Restaurant. (It is run by Jancis Robinson’s son.) Lovely wine program, very nice food, excellent service.


If you’re still going do high tea at Sketch. Your kids will love it.


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Blacklock for Sunday roast is a must. Really fun casual place. The Soho location is close by and a neat space. I also like Rules but have only gone during game season. Very old school and traditional. Their red grouse is excellent and served with the liver on toast. Again though, only in the fall and winter. The Mayfair Chippy is fun and worth a stop. On our last visit we also ate at Kai Mayfair for Chinese and enjoyed it.


The Cinnamon Club. An old library in the Westminister area. Superb food, great list.

Food was good not superb in our opinion, I can’t remember being blown away by the list either. Nice setting and service though. We had to be moved as regular was busy picking his teeth next to us

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Thanks all - these look like great suggestions!

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Tayyab’s is very good and reasonably priced (though on the opposite side of town). It’s BYOB if I remember correctly.

How is Scott’s these days. I need another healthy meal along with J Sheekey.

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i was there maybe in 2007…white chapel is a hardcore muslim area…are they cool with bringing booze?

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When I was last there (probably 2016 - where does the time go?), most of the tables had brought beer or wine with them.

I was in London for work a while back and we went to Smoking Goat (Shoreditch) for dinner. Great food, nice beer list, and the best pork chop I’ve ever had.