London Dining

Any recent recommendations for London dining? We will be staying in Belgravia so anything within a 20 minute drive would be nice.
Thanks in advance!

Actually waiting to board my flight there right now!

Arguably, there are better restaurants in London, but I love a visit to Noble Rot when I’m in town. Additionally, I very much enjoy Gymkhana which is a must if you enjoy Indian food. Dishoom can substitute if they’re booked.

I am headed all over the place this trip, but will be in London on Valentine’s Day. Will be hitting an early dinner at Noble Rot Soho (Lamb Conduit was booked) before going to the New Den for a Millwall match.

2 great threads with a bunch of suggestions

They just got their second star. First two star Indian restaurant in the UK,


This explains why reservations became so much more difficult this trip.

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Lots of places but here are some
Kitchen Table
Claude Bosi at Bibendum

2nd the Kitchen Table. I enjoyed Dishoom but it’s not a fancy/foodie place.

Kitchen Table is my favorite London restaurant.
Kitchen Table’s former No 2, Tom Spenceley, just received *** at the Ledbury.
BRAT in Shoreditch
Ottolenghi’s restaurants are good for lighter dining. We go to Nopi because it is closest to where we stay.
Barrafina for tapas. I prefer the original Soho location
St John! If you can’t get in to Smithfield, Bread and Wine or Marylebone are worthwhile, too.

JKS Restaurant Group owns/partners with Kitchen Table, Gymkhana, Lyle’s, and Trishna, among others. They are on quite a roll.

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Scene has changed so much since I lived there, but one of the greatest Indians is Tayyabs in Whitechapel. Not close to Belgravia, but worth the trek.

Heard great things about Gymkhana as well.

I’ll be there for a wine event myself week after next. Can’t wait, been a long time!

Was just there for a quick work trip, some highlights…

Noble Rot as mentioned above
Flat Iron for ridiculously good grass fed steak at killer prices - $
Kricket for slightly modern Indian - $$
Barrafina for Spanish tapas - $$
Core by Clare Smyth - $$$$

BRAT is great. Went there a few weeks ago based on recommendations from this board.

Also recommend Maison Francois. Both MF and BRAT have excellent wine lists.

For inventive, exciting cocktails, I highly recommend checking out Lyaness near the Tate (which also offers an excellent tea service on Saturday), or Seed Library. Both are from cocktail maven Mr Lyan.

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Brat is great but much farther than the 20 drive that the OP requested

Thank you all for the great suggestions! Starting to make reservations now.

Forgot to mention Kiln in Soho. Thai grill. Very casual and very good.

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Agree it’s very good; I might call it “Thai-inspired”. Also everything cooked over charcoal. Wonderful stuff.

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Was at BRAT a few weeks ago. Such a good restaurant. Trishna for Indian is superb. The Harwood Arms and Drapers Arms are both excellent gastro pubs.

I would add Hide for it’s wine list and ability to order wines from Hedonism Wines with dinner.
We also enjoyed Fallow.
Royal China Club has upscale Chinese food.

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and if you want to not-at-all-care that you can’t walk when you stand up from the table, order some of their incredible espresso martinis!


I’m not an expert at all but I really love Clove Club and BRAT. Ikoyi unique and superb. St. John old news but still exciting to me.

I love the Indian food in London, and would consider it a must for any foodie traveling there.

Tamarind was one of the first Indian restaurants to get a Michelin star in London, and I’ve had consistently excellent experiences with that restaurant, although it’s been five years since I was last there.