(Last Bottle Wines) Deal Discussion Thread (Part 1)

Tough for me to pull the trigger at that price point on an unknown entity, not knowing who the winemaker is, etc

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I have been happy with their Sleeper Reserves for the price level, so even though this was a step up I went in on two of these to try.

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You’ve gotta love the marketing hype on sites like this:

“Please know that we have almost NOTHING of this to sell, and it will go in a FLASH”

…meanwhile it’s still there a day later lol. That’s not to take away from the wine, I know nothing about it and $99 is a great price for a BTK cab (if it’s well-made), but it’s an expensive flyer to take, regardless of the urgent language.

You’ll probably see it again in a future marathon.

I agree, 100 bux just because it comes from To-kalon…

I know its a great vineyard… So is Meteor in Coombsville

$100 bottles is just not a place I fuck around and find out given the proven awesomeness of so many wines at that price. Fully agree, just would need more information. You wouldn’t want any wine I made just because it’s from BTK. Also, this is the first time I’ve ever noticed the abbreviation shares the initials of an infamous serial killer. BTK: serial killer of wallets.


Lawsuit against BPW.

Sleeper Cabernet???


Well, it looks like FB messed up on this one. Unless there is some broad claim to be made regarding legality of growers controlling usage of the vineyard name–this seems unlikely–FB is going to get rolled by Beckstoffer’s legal team. You can be certain the original grape contract had various stipulations on naming rights and minimum bottle cost, neither of which the negociant wine Sleeper will have met.

Interesting, and you’re certainly right the contract had all kinds of restrictions, but that’s a problem for that grape owner, not Last Bottle, which wouldn’t be a party to the original contract between Beckstoffer and whoever sold the wine to Last Bottle. Whether this is a trademark violation I do not know, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Last Bottle had decent defenses. Whether it’s worth fighting it is a whole other matter.

The original buyer is definitely going to be hammered. They won’t be doing business with Beckstoffer in future vintages, at minimum. Big $$$ Napa growers absolutely enforce use of the vineyard name as a trademark and the vineyard designation would have been licensed only to the original buyer.

It’s true that LB is not party to the original contract, but their marketing copy certainly makes it sound like they knew they were crossing a line. If LB’s contract with the original grape buyer gave them permission to use To Kalon, that would be interesting, since the original grape buyer would not have had the right to re-sell the trademark license. The NDA didn’t require obfuscation of To Kalon, at least, perhaps the deal went further than that since ‘bulk’ wine with a special name-place would sell for a higher price.

There could be a very fascinating turn of events depending on how the negociant contract was framed!


It is not that simple as it’s not just a matter of contract law but also various statutes – see the complaint, linked in the press release. As a litigator the following portion of the marketing copy gives me hives. It is absolutely the kind of thing that becomes Exhibit 1 in the (unlikely) event of trial to show knowledge of infringement.

“There’s a lot more secret stuff we CAN’T tell you about…but really, we already let the cat out of the bag when we typed “Beckstoffer To Kalon”–no doubt our legal counsel is furious…not to mention the all-powerful To Kalon Illuminati.”

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Damn, I wish I didn’t miss this bottle. Has anyone tried it?

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Anybody had kanpai? Steve Matthiasson’s project. Curious how it compares to the Matthiasson napa cabs

Pulled the trigger on the Montalbera Piemonte Rosso Fuori Catalogo 2020 - I haven’t had it but it seems like a great combination of styles I like, and the price was right.

I still have 1 bottle of the 2016 Rosso Fuori Catalogo. Pretty good, especially at the price point.

When is the next marathon madness sale?

Sometime around April 1. “Spring Marathon”

Probably a question best left unasked. My preferred response would have been, they just had one last week. Nothing but a big time waster IMO. Tiny amounts of anything worth buying so you have to pounce within seconds.

Today’s mystery Pinot is:

  • 2019 Chev Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley

Final answer.