Las Vegas

Recent experiences:

Delmonico’s (Venetian) - $35, no limit
Julian Serrano (Aria) - $35, limit of two bottles (fee waived)

Funny thing about Vegas is the tourist restaurants allow corkage, but the locals restaurants always claim it’s against the law.

I think some of the confusion comes about because the laws differ in the various geographic venues. Not an expert on the details, but it seems that places in the city of L Vegas differ from Henderson, North Las Vegas, etc. Trader Joe’s, etc. also have different tasting routines depending on the store location. FYI…the Strip is not technically in Las Vegas.

That said, some of the locals places allow corkage in a variety of ways. Todd’s in Henderson (wins Best Locals Restaurant in the newspaper poll most every year) has free corkage on Wed; 2 bottle limit. Marche Bacchus in Summerlin has free corkage on Monday if you buy the bottle from their shop, which tends to be on the high side for many wines.

Pinot Brasserie (part of the Patina/Pinot Blanc restaurant group) has generally allowed free corkage on several bottles if they don’t have the wine on their list. Table 34 (near the airport) has an every day $10 corkage fee; they have sometimes waived it in the past.

These are just examples and I could toss out others. Best bet is to call ahead and get the explicit policy.

Hi Guys

I am planning to be back in Vegas Dec 8-12 (again for business) but I am staying over the weekend and some wine buddies from CT are coming in as well.

Other than LOS (been there, done that, will do it again) what restaurants of quality can you recommend that doesn’t have a two bottle limit? We are going to have at least 3-5 bottles of wine depending on # of people showing up (between 3 and 5).

We are looking for a Steakhouse for one night , and a gourmet restaurant the second night. LOS is already on the schedule.

Any help would be appreciated. I go to Vegas quite often, but rarely have ever brought my own wine due to being out there on business and my exp. account covers the meal/wine etc. For this weekend, it is of a personal nature.




Table 10 at the Palazzo might be a good option. I am not 100% sure if they have a 2 bottle max though – worth a call.



I appreciate the help, but I have been to Table 10 and was not very impressed. In all honesty, I was mostly disappointed in all the restaurants I tried at Palazzo. Especially Restaurant Charlie…which was the biggest disappointment in all of Las Vegas for me personally. I got Vegas quite often on business, but rarely for personal pleasure, which is what this weekend gig is going to be with some fellow wino’s.

From the note above, Delmonico’s might forgo the 2 bottle limit. I wasn’t impressed with that restaurant either, but the food was good, not great, but for a wine dinner, beggars can’t be too choosy when looking for a restaurant that allows more than 2 bottles…

Now if they would just charge reasonable sums for their wines, I would buy off the list. But with all the comped players eating there and using their comp dollars, the wines tend to be very high in price. Something I just can’t allow myself to participate in.

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I thought the food at Sage (Aria) was quite good and I don’t think they have a bottle limit. For steak, Prime (Bellagio) was pretty good and I don’t recall a bottle limit there, either.

Thanks for the advice, but any MGM owned property has a two bottle limit regardless of the hotel. It is their policy , not necessarily the restaurants :frowning:

I wonder if this is a new policy. We definitely brought 3 bottles to Aria last March with no issue whatsoever…

We’ve been to Spago with multiple bottles, there $95 (or so) tasting menu is the bomb!

Anybody have experience with BYOB at Joe’s Stone Crabs at Caesar’s?

How about unlimited wine included with dinner at Charlie Palmer Steak?

Julian Serrano at Aria - $35.00 per bottle, limited to two bottles per table. Sometimes waived with a purchase from their list.

I was told the same thing last month…So we went to Delmonico’s

Pinot Brasserie in the Venetian is $0 corkage. No limit on the bottles either.

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I made the mistake of not calling ahead… Il Mulino at Ceasars doesn’t allow you to bring bottles but we had a wonderful meal. Is that the policy of the Ceasars group? MGM, as was noted here, has a 2 bottle limit.

Conserve water, drink more wine.

I think any restaurant where Caesar’s runs the wine program has now gone this way. When we were at Guy Savoy last October they told us that they had just sold the wine cellar to Caesar’s to manage and when they did Caesar’s disallowed all corkage at that time.

Any experience dining at Firefly on Paradise? Someone (non-wine geek) recommended the food there. Tapas place.

Firefly gets high marks from the locals and it is a tapas place. They have a second location on West Sahara and are opening in Henderson soon. One of the ladies I work with eats there on a regular basis and loves it.

I’ve eaten at Firefly. I thought it was really good.

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