Ladd Cellars - Chardonnay, Pinot, Cab Franc...Closed!

Hey Eric - It’s Jim H’s younger sister Kate (hoping you can connect the dots!). Looking forward to emailing in an order for a case. Jim says I have to hold up the family honor on Berserker Day orders as he is sitting out this year…

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Order in for each of the 2 chardonnay packs - excited.

Printed to pdf the order page - hopefully makes it easier for Eric.

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Hey All,

Thanks for all the orders and support, esp given my webpage chaos.

Also, the current/best way to make an order is to go to the order page (here)

But Don’t complete the order there, don’t even bother to fill in the fields. Just read the various bits of useful information there and decide what you want to order, and look at the State drop down (in one of the addresses) to make sure I ship to your state!

Then, email me ( with ‘bd15’ in the subject line, and what you want to order, plus your shipping address. I’ll get back to you about completing the order.


Thanks very much!

That’s high praise, cuz you have an excellent palate!

I don’t have a club, but I’ll think about it…Thanks for the

Be right back!

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I discovered Ladd Cellars at BD12 and I’ve been buying ever since. Looking forward to another Ladd shipment this year, in for a classic 3pk and a mixed 3pk of the Pinots!


I’m in for The Mixed and The Classic Pinot packs!
Kerry Onda

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Swollen cellar still says yes to nerd bait Cab Franc and Jura. Even better when I can get that feeling stateside. Cannot pass on the Voile.

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Thanks for all the interest and orders…I’m keeping this open for a while longer!

I’ve been awful at entering notes on CT for about 8 months now. So I must apologize to Eric for my rather unremarkable note on his 2013 Nash Mill Pinot Noir which is on offer above on The Classics 3-pack. Eric actually gave it to me as a gift when I won the Ladd auction last year. It is really f*ing good aged Pinot at an unbeatable price right now in his current offer.

As for the Cuvée Voile Chardonnays, wow! Listen, I normally dislike oxidative whites. I forced myself to buy his 2014 Cuvée Voile Chardonnay last year on the auction just to broaden my horizons. He sent me an entire long email on how to go about best enjoying it. And I rarely have the foresight to open wines in the morning, decant and re-bottle to enjoy in the evening. But having seen his preview offer, I did just that yesterday and drank it while spending unwise amounts of money on BD15. I left some for today and just wrote the following note with a glass in my hand.

2014 Ladd Cellars Chardonnay Cuvée Voile - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (1/27/2024)
This is very different and very good. Glossy grayish yellow in color. On the nose almonds, pineapple and maybe bergamot announce the oxidative style. Mouthwatering acidity on the tongue perfectly balanced by a strong but somehow refreshing flavor with notes of papaya, Meyer lemon, lime and hints of toasted walnuts and hazelnuts. Long, nutty finish. Considering it's almost 10 years old, it can likely go a further 6 years or more, but that's more of a guess.

I rarely would rate an oxidative white highly, but here we are. (93 points)

The 2014 isn’t in the Classics 3-pack but if the 2017 and 2021 are similar they are well worth the tariff.

(I’ll put my money where my mouth is and email you an order in a few minutes @Eric_Lundblad)


Hey! Thanks for the great thoughts on my wines Guillermo. Woo Hoo

Better hurry up…or you’ll be Sous Sorry :slight_smile:

Finally paid for my double order of the Foothills Adventure Pack - let the adventure begin!

Still taking orders? I blame Todd for bumping this. I did want to try these.

Probably. Paging @Eric_Lundblad

sure, I can’t take orders past my bedtime tho :slight_smile: (this is just dumb humor, take your time to make an order, as long as it’s in by tomorrow morning).

One thing. go to the ordering web page link here: (you will have to copy and paste this link into a browser to work, of course). Read the instructions on the first page of this link. It will tell you what to do and read to make an order.

Once you’ ve read all that, send me an email (listed on the link above) to actually make your order. Do not try to make the order throught the website. Thanks.

I got special dispensation as I couldn’t deal with ordering stuff during BerserkerDay and immediately thereafter, so I sent him an email that we agreed I’d finalize when things settled down

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Email sent, thanks Eric, appreciate you letting me sneak this in!

And we are finally/officially done…How do I turn the lights off here?

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Hi James,

I’m sorry to be contacting you so many days after the first day of
Berserkerdays. As you probably know, my website went haywire and the
process became making orders by sending emails/messages. Insert a
long/complicated process to correctly transform the emails into correct
orders. I’m just now approaching the end…except you made an order but
I have no info on it. Sorry about that!

If you’re still interested, we can make it happen. If you aren’t, no

If you are interested, could you reply to this with your shipping
address and which pack(s) and how many of each that you’d like to order.

Once I get that info, I’ll reply to you with the invoice, along with how
to pay and other details

The link to my/Ladd offering page is:

Thanks very much!