Krug 165?

I saw this on the shelf today at k&l, next to the 164s. 2009 base. Anyone tried it yet?

Was it in 375 format?

No, 750. Same price as the 164eme (159.99). I asked one of the employees and they said it just arrived this week.

Doesn’t look like much has been released in the States so far. Krug Grande Cuvee 165 - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

Ahh cool, thanks for the link!

let’s go 164 clear out pricing!

yes—they must have rocketed through 164 to get to 165.

FWIW- I was told last year by someone high up in the distribution chain that there was not going to be much 164 released (and that it would be done around the holidays- as proved the case.) I do not know if this is indicative of small production, or just a small release at this time, but I have operated under the impression that the 164 release window was going to open and close quickly.

Very interesting. Glad I grabbed a case of the 164, which despite some debate I think is sensational.

It was an odd situation here in Texas. I got a couple of boxes by joining in with a group that placed a big order with the distributor via a retailer- and a good thing too because the retailers I buy from did not really have the 164 on their radar as something to care about and buy up for their customers. There are a few places that never even chased after it despite admitting I was one of many who specifically asked for the wine.

Might be a question of overall price. High end champagne does very well in the Texas market, but there has been strong retail resistance to Krug’s relatively aggressive pricing on the Brut vintage.

164 appeared in some quantity (multiple 6 bottle cases) at several Spec’s stores in the Houston area just before the holidays. It is still on the shelf at some of them. The “out the door” price was within a dollar or two of the Last Bottle offering of 164 in early December. There’s still some 163 on the shelves as well, but I haven’t seen any 165 yet.

No idea how much 164 was released but it was very easy to buy lots of it in London.

Did you mean 164 or 165?

K&L has this note on its page for the 165:
Based on the 2009 vintage, and the “rarest batch ever for Grande Cuvée because of caution instilled by the economic crisis,” according to Jancis Robinson.

In Dallas and Austin it has been odd. There was plenty of 163 going into the holidays, and now it is just about gone. I am actually actively looking for a bottle because I want to taste the 164 alongside both the 163 and 165. Given the hype plus conjecture about stylistic changes (which I will not believe until I see it), I think 164 has to be tasted in the context of other releases.

On the 164, it only went to a couple of chains, and anecdotal information I have from guys on the sales floor is that it is selling like any other release- not too many people coming in to buy cases. Noone got any large caches of it that I saw. The order I did with some friends was the only mega-parcel I was aware of.

165 not yet here- but given the fact 163 is gone and 164 never was much of a presence I am assuming 165 will be here in a few weeks.

I was referred to the 164. Your quote from Robinson is news to me. I have not heard that- but then again to be fair I have not been inquiring too much into the 165 release. A couple of years ago when I started tasting some of the lesser 2008s, I was so blown away that all my focus has been on that vintage- and in the case of Krug the GC and Rose vintages that would have 2008 as a base. I look forward to seeing what 2009 may bring, but 2008 was so meaningful that I have been laser focused there when it comes to Champagne.

Tons of 164 on the west coast still.

Tom, agreed on 2008 being great and having stocked up on 164.

Not sure if you clicked through the thread Michael posted above from Yao C:

I’ve now had the chance to try the 165 a few times and have it side by side with 164 and 166. A few thoughts:

The 166 (2010 base) is a solid Krug Grande Cuvee and it performs as expected. I would be happy to drink this all day long. That being said, the 164 (2008 base) and 165 (2009 base) are a level above the Grande Cuvee norm and a step above the 166. With the 164 you are betting on future potential based on its stunning precision and definition. The 165 is all about flavor and is so expressive and enjoyable already, but it has potential too.

The 165 is clearly more enjoyable to drink today than the 164 and I think it will be better in the long run too (to my palate) . So, let folks chase down the 164; I think the 165 is actually the better wine for today and tomorrow.

In general, 2009 continues to surprise me as a vintage. It was always good, but it has turned out great. There were some mistakes made in 2008 due to the higher acidity - you had to work to find balance. 2009 was much easier - the grapes actually had similar acidity, but a lot more ripeness and were easier to work with. 2009 doesn’t have the same potential as 2008 and the best wines will come from 2008, but 2009 is much more uniform and there are some beautiful wines that were made. In a way 2009 is like 1995 and 2008 is another 1996 (quality comparison, not style).

I was greatly impressed with the 2009 Dom Perignon but not so much with the 2009 Cristal. In regard to the 164eme and 165 eme, I don’t see it as a matter of either or, but both.

Both the same price so no reason to not try both!