Krug 165?

I also like 164 and prefer 165 to 164. I don’t have Brad’s experience but for me 165 is the best young grand cuvee I have had.

I think Brad is correct.

2009 DP appeared at our Costco today at $135.

great price.

Should you make it down to SA, the large Twin on 281 had several 163 recently. They had the wine room cooler off during the 1C sale, but that might have been just during the sale.

Galloni just had a conversation about the 165, he states Krug cut production to 10% of normal (if I’m reading this correctly) so it won’t really be around…

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that it’s more likely production was cut by 10%.

That’s not the way he states it saying because of the economic downturn Krug went light. States the wine is only being shipped to the top 4-5 markets…

Then someone needs to buy all 59 bottles @$159.99 at K&L immediately. (They no longer ship to Louisiana.)

I don’t believe any Krug marketing spiel.

I’m really reluctant to comment on this without having read it for myself, but with the number of years that it takes to bring this to market, a Draconian cut in production like that would be about the dumbest marketing decision since: How about we change the recipe for CocaCola.

Jason could be right. I tried sourcing the 164 through local retail, prepaid for a 6 pack last July after the wholesaler confirmed it was going to be available (sent over the product info/hype sheet). Flash forward to February and apparently the 164 was “too limited a release” and I wouldn’t be getting my 6 pack. Of course, I pointed out that K&L still had a boatload and there was so much produced it appeared on Last Bottle but to no avail (should have just bought from LB, lesson learned). Certainly not the retailers fault, but really left a bad taste to receive such conflicting info.

Apparently, Milwaukee is only good enough to receive the non-hype, “off” batches…and if we’re not receiving the 164, good luck on ever seeing the 165.

there’s plenty of 164 sitting around not even at the retail level for quite a few markets. They are just playing the game to make it look limited.

Talked to someone with Krug today (not about this thread per se).

They are rolling out 165 in different sequence geographically than 164.

Didn’t get to ask why but c fu may essentially be correct.

Tom, there were cases of it at Pogos. Pogos had stacks on the floor. Can’t recall if that was December or January. December, I think. I bought 164 at Pogos and Graileys for that matter.

Keep in mind too 163 was sold on LastBottle, so presumably that means there weren’t regular retail accounts clamoring for more.

There isn’t a wine in the world Last Bottle can’t get given the volume they buy/move

It’s true I have seen Screaming Eagle and Cristal on there.

Just not DRC, yet. :slight_smile:

This board continues to be financially ruinous–due to this thread I just picked up 12x of the 165 (to go with the 164 I bought a few months ago)

I am still waiting for the 164 in Canada. Not sure it will be coming here anymore since I have yet to see it…