Kansas City Tasting Group

See you there. I’ll bring the Stefania orders with me.

At the last offline we had talked about having the next one around June 15 or so. Is some night this week going to work or do we need to push it out until next week? Any night this week is good for me except Tuesday (though I could probably make it work if needed). BBQ wine was going to be the theme. Shall we bring in some good BBQ to go with it? Jim mentioned that there are several places near the store that would be good.

Hey everyone, hope all is well for you this June! I spoke to Frank via email. My schedule is good. I will have to search high and low for a good barbecue wine though, as I suspect my cellar is low on this sort of thing (as in I may have nothing in this category!). I am free during the week this week and next. I am floating this weekend though, so that is no good. Let me know what works for everyone. If we want to do actual Barbecue that works for me too, I am pretty open. Let me know what you all think.


I have to scrap tonight, unfrotunately. We can try to reschedule next week. Maybe Wednesday.

Well Jim, I never thought that we were actually on tonight, so perhaps I missed a step here. I think next week would be good for me. I will tentatively plan for Wednesday, but be open to changes in plans as always.

If any of you guys are in the neighborhood, I will be pouring my finest swill at the Kansas City Wine House, Monday evening 6/21.

If you have hot girlfriends that get drunk, send them.

Next week is pretty packed for me, but Monday would probably work.

Frank, why don’t we try next week then? Maybe sometime around midweek.

Peter, I’ll try to make it out, what is the location on that? I see a wine house in Lee’s Summit, is that the one?

It’s about time for another tasting, isn’t it? How about next week? Any of Monday, Wednesday or Thursday would work for me, but I think Jim has said that Wednesdays work best for him, so how about Wednesday the 25th? We never did do the BBQ wine theme, so I propose that be the theme for this time.

25th would work for me.

25th would probably work for me as well.

Are we a go or no go tomorrow night??

I was wondering that too. Emailed Jim to see if he was available. I am still open

Tomorrow night still works for me as well. Should we meet at the store again (if Jim’s available), or is anyone interested in meeting at a restaurant?

Heard back from Jim and he can’t do tonight but said he’d like to meet soon, so we can either postpone or choose a restaurant for this time around. I’m pretty open to either idea, though I am not as familiar with wine-friendly restaurants in the area since I am new to this area.

Actually it has turned out that tonight won’t work for me either. There’s a parent meeting at school for one of my kids’ activities this evening. I could make it tomorrow night if that would by chance work. Ryan, you’re out South also, correct? We could meet at Spin Pizza or somewhere else out this way (plenty of choices).

Jim, let us know what would a good date for you for the next one.

I cannot make tomorrow night.

I am in Mission, but am willing to go wherever.

Let’s see what Jim has to say for dates and then go from there.

FYI, I created a Kansas City thread on the BYO forum:

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Feel free to send me additions.

I talked to Jim at the store Friday, and he said that Tuesdays and Thursdays are best for him, and either of those days this week or next would work. So, which of these days will or won’t work for everyone else? Any of them work for me at this point.

Tuesday 9/14
Thursday 9/16
Tuesday 9/21
Thursday 9/23

Either the 21st or 23rd works for me.