Kansas City Tasting Group

Since the other site appears to be going subscriber only I am going to go ahead and start a thread here.

I know that Jim at least is a member here and I think that Frank is, if Ryan, Aaron and others are not, if one of you could let them know that I am posting over here now.

Anyway, Frank had mentioned some dates in May and those work for me. Hopefully we can successfully move the planning for this group to this site.

  • Michael

Beat me to the punch! I’ll shoot Ryan and Aaron a text. Frank and I traded contact info, but that was in a now unaccessible PM - but I’m pretty sure I have his email in our database here.

Anyone else in KC, feel free to sign up!

I’ll PM my contact info over here.

The dates I mentioned for the next round were Wed 5/12 or Thursday 5/13. I’m pretty flexible though. And was this one going to be at Room 39, or was that going to be a later one?

Either of those dates works for me. As to location I’ll let you weigh in on that Jim since you seem to know the people involved.

Also, I seem to recall that there were some others at the eBob thread that had mentioned interest and then never made it out for the first two meetings. If anyone is still a member over there, maybe PM any who seemed interested?

Either date works for me too.

What theme should we go with this time??

I propose we go with the 13th. Thursdays are a little easier for me. I also have a conflict on the 12th.

Ok, so the 13th is good so far, just need Jim to weigh in.

Last time we talked about Pinot for the next theme. Does that still work? Shall we narrow it down any, or just make it any region?

I say we go any region. Maybe after we get through the major appellations we can start to get more specific the second time around.

It looks like there is a tasting at Gomer’s on the 13th, so I am guessing we will have to find another date.

Maybe push it into the next week. What about the 19th??

The 19th works for me.

Hey guys,

The 19th appears to work for me, but I think they may have something that day too (beer event I think), so we should maybe have a flex date here (i.e. maybe 18th ok too, if it is for you guys) or else wait until Jim can chime in, or maybe use this as an opportunity to mix up the location. Either way Jim should be able to know more.

Either the 18th or 20th would would for me if the 19th doesn’t work.

I was wrong about the 19th, so lets aim for next Thursday, May 19 if that still works for you guys.

The 19th still works for me.

I talked to Jim today and they do have a beer event tomorrow night. But he said Thursday night would work and it will for me too. Ryan, Michael, what about you?

I cannot do Thursday night. Right now, early next week (Mon or Tues) are the only days that will work for me.

I could make Monday night work, but Tuesday is better. Can we shoot for then?

Tuesday works for me if it works for Jim. (Monday is fine with me as a backup). Just as a reminder, what time have we been starting these things? With no access to the old thread I cannot go back to check!

If we go for Monday or Tuesday, let’s do Pinot from anywhere.

7:00 start is best for me. I will bring the food this time.

Next Tuesday works. 7PM.