Jemrose - 3 BerserkerDay Packages OFFER EXTENDED

Offer extended through the weekend!

Jemrose Vineyards

The product of Jim and Gloria Mack - two wonderful people each of you should have the opportunity to meet! I figured we needed some white wine up in this forum, so who better than Jemrose, as they have their spectacular Viognier as one of the packages!

Offer #1- The Viognier Vitalizer
Three bottles of Jemrose Egret Pond Viognier- Two bottles of the 2009 vintage and one preview bottle of our 2010 Egret Pond Viognier which has not yet been released. Normally $96 Berserker Price $69.

Offer #2- The Cardiac Arrest
Three bottles of Jemrose Cardiac Hill Syrah- Two bottles of the 2008 vintage and one preview bottle of our 2009 Cardiac Hill Syrah which has not yet been released. Normally $114 Berserker Price $79

Offer#3- The Gloria’s Grab
Two bottles of Jemrose Gloria’s Gem Proprietary Blend- One bottle of the 2008 vintage and one preview bottle of our 2009 Gloria’s Gem which has not yet been released. Normally $130 Berserker Price $89

To order simply go to the Jemrose web site: and type in the promotion code BERSERK when you place the order.

Got the Viognier and Cardiac and it froze while ordering hit refresh and it worked.

In for the Cardiac, was REALLY tempted to add the Gloria’s Gem. No problems ordering from the site.

The viognier was a great deal. Shipping was a bit high, but I’ll live with it!!!

picked up 2 cardiac packs and a gloria’s. shipping was steep, but prices were great!

Holy hell this is getting to be an expensive day!! pileon

I’m maybe a third of the way through the list, and there’s some auction items I know will be of interest to the likes of you…

2 of the Gloria’s Grab. That is a nice wine.

Thanks to Gloria and Jim [cheers.gif] flirtysmile [berserker.gif]

My Amex says: [middle-finger.gif]

Went for 3 Syrahs & 3 Viogniers. Agreed the shipping gave me a pause but still a great deal!

Great juice from 2 great people. Thanks Gloria and Jim [dance-clap.gif]

Had to grab some Viognier & Syrah. Agree w/other that Jim & Gloria are great people producing fantastic wine. Really excited for this one!

Ctr-V = In! [cheers.gif]

I can only imagine the credit card companies “unusual activity” alarms going crazy today as if some mass coordinated wine fraud is going on…

…and all the e-mail blasts wondering where their business has gone today.

Great offer from great people!

Bought 2 packs

The viogniers here are excellent, with aromatics true to the varietal. FWIW, as I have several experiences with these, the 2010 is a bit more energetic and zippy, the 2009 more round. Both great. I own a bunch of it already, along with the syrah, or I’d go on these. But, for those of you who don’t own these wines, at this pricing, do yourself a favor and give them a try, support the winery. Great people.

I have to say I balked at $20 for shipping for 3 bottles. That’s about what a case costs with GSO. And I really was interested in the Viognier.

Same here. Hate to pay $7/bottle shipping. Has anyone seen the Viognier in the L.A. area?