Jemrose - 3 BerserkerDay Packages OFFER EXTENDED

Can you ship to PA? Website is not allowing it…

I wanted to get the Viognier…but I couldn’t do a pick you so I bugged out… I would still like some if I can come pick it up : )

Gloria and I would like to thank all of you who participated in this wild and crazy event and took advantage of our offer. Big thanks to Todd,Jeb and the whole Berserker team for not only pulling this event together but for running hands down the best wine forum in the world.

We have decided to keep the offers up through the weekend for those Berserkers who might still be interested. [cheers.gif]

I’ll update the first post, Jim

I almost jumped on this yesterday. Nothing like a little “hair of the dog…” this morning though–in for a case! pileon

Great call on the Vio. I’ve noticed you are a hockey fan so I figured you have good taste and I tried some. It’s drinking beautifully tonight. I’ll be buying more in the future.

Anyone starting to think about BerserkerDay 2013? Only…what…2-1/2 months away?

I’m thinking about it, for SURE…and hopefully will have some help again this year, a committee with the likes of Jeb Singleton! flirtysmile

I have my offer set in my mind. I believe it will be attractive. I only participated in 2 WBD, but I pretty much know what works best for both the winery (me) and the consumer. That one day in an otherwise dismal January is a lot of fun. Let’s start showcasing it soon!

I appreciate the bromance. Too bad we’re on opposite coasts or I’d see if you were free next weekend. neener